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Good Morning from Freedom Prepper

It’s July 9, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.


Tales From The New Abnormal

  • People who shun the fear masks are as bad as drunk drivers. So says an English researcher named Venki Ramakrishnan. His views are about as legitimate as he is English. Yahoo!
  • Here’s more on the virus, its potential laboratory origins, and how many people are doomed because of the insane responses to it – and not from it itself. LRC
  • NYC crime is out of control. For a little while, the giant city seemed safe. Now, fathers are gunned down in the open and while walking with their small children. War. Zone. (Warning: videos may be disturbing). NewsWars
  • Police in Seattle have folded like those in New York. Taxpayers are not getting their money’s worth, especially given how much the officers are paid. Meet the $414,000!!! Police officer, and he’s not Robocop. Forbes
  • When it comes to law and order, no one flip flops more than the wet bag known as Lindsey Graham. Here are a few examples of his recent cavings and cuckings. Sad. McClatchyDC

BLM is all the rage, now more popular than either wing of the Uniparty. They’re a grifter, communist, terror group, of course, but the truth no longer matters in Post-Amerika. What do they think of people outside their group? Not much. Taki

Do you dream, sometimes, about taking America back from the commies and the crazies? Antifa, BLM, and other thug groups are now running the show and calling the shots. If we are really to overcome these rejects, then we had better be prepared to fight. RT


The Heat is On


Can you keep your cool in a summer blackout?

AC is one of the coolest (heh!) inventions we have, nearly a necessity on a sweltering day. But, what if the power goes out when the heat is on? Here are ten easy tips for keeping your cool under such heated circumstances. ApartmentPrepper


The Great Graft Grifting Continues


Did you know that the US has a “food box” program for its own destitute citizens? I was surprised too, by this Sally Struters feed the third world idea. And, of course, being run by the feds, it is a disaster. Learn more. Reuters

The government being an abject failure, one can rightly surmise that its terrible programs are too. The big bailout for the little guys ended up sending Billion$ to huge companies. Charity for the Too Big sector. AP

Of course, the politically-connected cleaned up in general. Here’s a partial list of some of the known frauds. We can look for recompense and justice any day now. Ha, ha! JK UnionBulletin




American military power overseas is eroding as fast as civility is at home. Conflict between the US Navy and China is now always just around the corner. It will probably end badly for the over-stretched USA. AsiaTimes


John Roberts is either a disappointment or a concern, right? Maybe both? There is an Epstein-Maxwell rumor beginning to circulate that might explain things. Might. VoxDay


Another disturbing video, this one from Rush Limbaugh’s hometown. A 12-year-old boy is … doing something on the sidewalk when he is viciously attacked by one of the lives that matter. This is your new nation. InfoWars


The colleges are burning heaps. Now, if they start back in the fall, the sinecure professorial class wants everyone wearing face diapers. I think they’ll really don’t ever want to go back to “teaching.” AJC


Good news for the thoughtful! Roosh looks into the differences between real Sacramental Marriage and the “civil” alternative. He reminds us of the Orthodox concept of the “Little Church.” Fascinating. RooshV




Rural Land The Right Way


Nowadays, everyone is looking for a piece of land outside the big cities. If you’re in the same boat as the masses fleeing NYC, make sure you purchase the right plot. Here are 6 tips for doing it right. BetterTogether

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