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Prepper Post News – 7/10/2020


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Good Morning from Freedom Prepper

It’s July 10, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.


Second Wave Hysteria

  • Oh, no! The ever-so-trustworthy WHO says that the virus is worse than ever. Never mind that fewer and fewer people are dying. Wear the mask! Surrender your freedom! Fear! Barrons
  • The race is on to devise a “vaccine” and the money and the political BS flows like air from a ventilator. Some people are naturally concerned about process mistakes. Politico
  • In New Jersey, where no one should ever live or visit, they’re now requiring the fear masks OUTSIDE. I say stay far outside of NJ. NBC4
  • In the formerly free state, and upon a time independent nation, of Texas, they’ll arrest you if you don’t step and fetch and jump through the hoops of hysteria. Before we contemplate that we’re running out of states to avoid, there is a silver lining… CBS11
  • In Texas, a growing number of sheriffs are refusing to enforce the (illegal) orders to end all life in the name of the hoax. May the spirit of rebellion spread. CBSNews

How Dangerous Is Eating Out? Not very dangerous at all! But, the fear-mongers will still have you bow, grovel, and jump the burning obstacles of insanity – all for a steak and some beer. How did humanity make it all these years with our free-wheeling ways? AP 

All is not lost! If you really want to spend ridiculous amounts of money with a bunch of alien corporate satanists who molest children and hate you and everything you love, then you’ll be happy to know that Disney World will be reopening soon! I say treat it like a Southern New Jersey – run by greedy, anti-American pedos. Reuters


Amerika’s Yoots Decry First Amendment


Why, again, do we have schools?

A great, if depressing, VIDEO demonstrates how low and utterly stupid some of our young people have fallen. Listen as the semi-literate bleat and bow if their effort to virtue signal in the name of campus safety and comfort. BARF BAG ADVISORY CampusReform


The Lawless Nation


Americans now have no rights. Get attacked and fight back – get arrested. Call attacked and call 911 – get arrested. The couple in CA who covered up the B(S)LM street graffiti have been arrested. Resistance is futile? SmokingGun

Here’s another arrest in the making. Some savages in Indiana blocked a road and threatened a driver and then were so surprised when the driver used the car against them. Reality suggests that peaceful coexistence with these cretins is not possible. Sun

There was peace on the streets of Hotlanta, thanks to armed Guardsmen. Of course, if the police won’t defend their own headquarters, will the NG? And, when the IEDs start hitting, what will happen? More strong words? AJC




The lowest IQ in Congress speaks again! Ilhan Omar (D-Somalia) wants to get rid of the US economy and political structure. In other words, she should have never left her own failed country. InfoWars


Rumor has it that the little birdie, Maxwell, has the goods and is singing happily in a bid to avoid life in prison. While she awaits her fate, she’s under super-tight security – just like her buddy Epstein was… Sun


I got an email ad from Pep Boys that made sense. (Bought some tires once, got signed up, yadda). Anyway, they make a good point that when you buy a new car, you need to read all the rules about the data that vehicle generates. The fine print has fine consequences. PepBoys


Need coffee and a donut? If you’re headed to Dunkin, then your options are shrinking. The chain is preparing to close over 400 outlets, mostly in gas stations. American runs out of Dunkin? USAToday


Enter the Age of Postmodernity. We’re here whether we like it or not. Now, can we go back to the age of civilized Christianity? Oh, read the parable about the baby and the mask. The human perspective. LRC




Truth in a World of BS


The G-Man is back with an update on the phony numbers behind the virus and the economy. The case numbers are up but no one is dying. The DOW is soaring but no one is working. Disconnect upon disconnect. GeraldCelente

Quis autem vel eum iure reprehenderit qui in ea voluptate velit esse quam nihil molestiae consequatur, vel illum qui dolorem?

Temporibus autem quibusdam et aut officiis debitis aut rerum necessitatibus saepe eveniet.


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