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Prepper Post 7/13/20


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Good Morning from Freedom Prepper

It’s July 13, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.


Truth v. Hoax

  • There is A LOT we are not being told about George Floyd, BLM, “Karens,” communism, and just about everything else. Floyd, says the autopsy report, died from heart disease and a drug overdose. There’s also something on the multiple police body cams – something the Rulers do not want made public. Par for the weedy course. RT
  • No video other than what the CIA’s media showed you. And, no discussion anywhere in the “respectable” media about Floyd’s massive overdose on multiple narcotics They probably say Fentanyl itself is a conspiracy theory. PCR
  • “They” are certainly using BLM and the virus against us any way they can contrive. If you’re worried about the nCov, then, given all the nonstop hype and changing narratives, where can you turn for reliable information? Here’s a start. Unz
  • Despite apparently not knowing much about this strain of cold virus, they’re in a mad rush to build a “vaccine” for it – one that may or may not cause autism, sterility, or death. Will it be forced on us? Bill Sardi
  • There’s a reason why I cite “NBC ‘News’” as quotation marks around “news.” It’s because the network is known, well-known for lying and fabricating issues and reports. Like this! Their man, Dr. Fair, made a big deal out of his infection, as did NBC. Except that, of course, he was lying. FreeBeacon

They can’t get the lies straight. It’s another black white supremacist! Some weirdo’s with “pronouns” learned what happens when one blocks an interstate at night. The driver, like all black men from Africa, was said to be a white Nazi or something. They’re not even trying. InfoWars

Call out the hoaxes! Rev. Baldwin does, explicitly. How is it that millions (or billions) of people world-wide are stepping and jumping, based on nothing more than hollow scare tactics? See what America’s Pastor says. ChuckBaldwinLive


BLM Is Anti-Christian


What More Do We Need To Know?

Watch as the malcontent, psycho losers attack Christians in and around a church. The cops eventually arrived to slowly, listlessly assist. However, some strong men did their part to block the thugs. BLM attacks children at church. Jesus mentioned how to handle such monsters – or, at least, what would be better for them. InfoWars


Amerika The Gullible


Test! Test! Test! Fear!!! Everyone needs a test, a mask, and a vaccination. Yet, the truth is right there on the CDC’s website. A “positive” test result only means one has had a cold in the past. A hysteria, built on a lie, next to a hoax, astride a big steaming pile of… Intellihub

The Big Club has floated the unsubstantiated lie that Russia paid the Taliban to kill American soldiers. Proof of this we will never see as it is a crazed fantasy. Yet and still … a polled majority of the sleeping idiots in this falling country bought the story. Watch the entertaining “Charlie Wilson’s War” and see if you can see the irony in this particular lie. (A majority could not). Reuters

An even crazier fantasy is that if Trump loses in November – which, on the merits, he deserves to – that he will stay on as a king or something. I’d suspect the man might leave early. But, according to people like Larry Tribe, formerly a real law professor, it’s a real worrisome problem. Y’all worry, now. StamfordAdvocate




Oh, no! The human-sized leeches and rodents at the Federal Reserve now fret that the “recovery” – yeah, not sure what that word means – is stalling. This from the fools who destroyed the economy and know there will be and can be no recovery for years to come – if ever. Reuters


Pursuant to the stalled, V-something “recovery,” Brooks Brothers is bankrupt! Hold off on that suit purchase, etc. BB joins just about every other retailer in the country, fruit of the virus, or Fentanyl or Lord knows what – anything except the banksters and the pols, of course. CNBC


“BUILD THE WALL!!!” the gullible masses chanted in 2016. Trumpy says he has, even as reality only finds three miles of new barrier away down south. No matter – illegal immigration surged last month, proof that the economy is flatten and the virus is recovered. #WallLiesMatter! WashExaminer


This one is the true shock of 2020. The Supreme(ly disappointing) Court held the US Empire to its legal word, specifically as to an Oklahoma Indian Tribe. Eastern OK is, and has been for an age, Creek land. Your state law no longer applies. If I were a Creek, I would make hay of this decision. I’m not and I can’t fathom why the Court can’t ever seem to uphold the law to benefit my people. Hey, at least someone won. Oh, wait … the petitioner is a (now free) child molester. Bad treaties make stupid nations. NYTimes (aka Carlos Slim’s Blog)


Elsewhere out west, they’re about to be hit with a mega-drought. I think Dr. Fauci says this is because Brooks Brothers didn’t sell masks. Or, maybe Russia paid the clouds not to rain. Y’all out there: conserve and survive. DNYUZ




Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad!


Great news, saved for last! God Bless the Second Amendment and fast thinking/acting. A Florida man was confronted by a gang of three violent, armed home invaders. Rather than become a statistic, he rendered two of them into a nice, neat stack for the coroner. The third survived, so as to be charged with his accomplices’ deaths. Win! TampaBayTimes

Quis autem vel eum iure reprehenderit qui in ea voluptate velit esse quam nihil molestiae consequatur, vel illum qui dolorem?

Temporibus autem quibusdam et aut officiis debitis aut rerum necessitatibus saepe eveniet.


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