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Good Morning from Freedom Prepper

It’s July 14, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.


One Madness Upon Another

  • The Biden-Sanders Axis of communism plans – in detail – to ramp up an old UN plan to essentially move the entire third world into Ameirka – like 500-1,000 million new, unproductive residents. Luckily, things would collapse long before that fully happened. InfoWars
  • Refugees, migrants, not-Amerikans, and other malcontents are so precious to the luciferian left that they happily threaten and extort our children over it. Read the harrowing tale of one future college debt victim. And, rethink college! InfoWars (go AJ!)
  • COVID = mandatory vaccine, if Fauci and Gates have their way. And, yes, studies do show that that is the path to more autism. GEGriffin
  • COVID is dangerous to the elderly. So is social media fame-whoring. A complete idiot broke the law in Russia to possibly infect the sweetest hermit woman in the world. She survived Stalinism through her faith and isolation. Now, something worse may do her in. (BTW, research her and her family’s story – very inspirational!). Mirror
  • Herr Merkel, Germany’s second-worst Chancellor ever, frets over the fate of her beloved EU cabal in the new reality of COVID. The funny part is that some think the USA will be a-okay. #DefundEU! CNBC

Navy, Navy, I’m in Doubt! Why Corona got you sitting out? No more PT, this year, in the Navy – and probably from here on out. The Chinese surely approve of this decline. NavyTimes

The Robot Chicken Story … that isn’t college cartoon idiocy. Tyson chicken is replacing illness-prone humans with blade-wielding robots. What could go wrong? Jobs lost, boney birds, and armed droids in our midst. WSJ


“Law and Order” in the Culture War


Which side is the FBI on?

ANother data leak from the FedGov reveals what many suspected – that the FBI and other federal law enforcement agencies routinely ignore genuine threats in order to persecute political or politically-correct opponents. This is madness. #DefundFBI UNZ


Where Might This Go Next?


A Florida man is charged with attempted murder and arson after he lit a Catholic Church in Ocala on fire – with people inside. He probably is crazy, but isn’t it also crazy that the left has been verbally and physically attacking Christians so much lately? A coincidence? CBS47JAX

From a free nation to a holding tank for ingrates. A Haitian in Florida (why so much in FLA???) hates the name of the city he moved into because racist or something. Words. Names! WTH? We and he would be so much better off if he would stop complaining and move back to his country. There, he can do, say, and think (or not) as he pleases. DNYUZ

Where’s this heading? Looking down the road a few decades, a South African situation is, while far-fetched, still a predictive possibility. We are moving in that direction with mindless violence sanctified by lies and propaganda. Are we future Afrikann-Americans? AmRen




Texas was making oil like there was no tomorrow and its economy responded accordingly. Then, 2020 hit and the wells were closed off. No demand, no oil, no money. This is the new economy – Texas “t” decapitalized. WSJ


Roger Stone, who is most charming, in a slimy way had his prison sentence commuted by the Trumpster. This is hardly a surprise. Mueller, Pelosi, and the rest are outraged – shocked, I tell ya! Now, if we could please … build the wall, deport the rabble, end the Fed, lock her up, drain it, and so forth… CNBC


Europe’s sweetest prepper ponders why the [virus] just will not go away. I think she’s on to something. Listen as she makes clear her reasonable opinions. Is it here to stay? A permanent “normal?” Also, do check out her other video wherein she takes her city mouse friend to the woods for some archery, etc. SurvivalLilly(VIDEO)


Adapt or die. Taking the insane “new normal” as its own disaster, we are reminded that this is something to be survived. There are various ways of doing so. Short of heading to the hills for the duration, individual adaptation – tolerating and blending in, rather than acquiescing – requires adaptable traits similar to those deployed against more common “prepper” scenarios. Think, learn, and act. OrganicPrepper


It’s not gross, it’s natural – you are covered up with microbes – 100s of trillions of them. And yet, somehow, we all live. Stop falling for the real disease of fear. And, spread the message. AnnB




PCR on the “Woke Revolution”


You say you want a revolution? No? Too bad, we had one and we lost. The left dominates the discussion. Even so, they trip over each other to rhetorically justify the insanity and oppression, none of them too sure as to how much of our freedom of thought should be limited. Cancel culture is canceling culture. Welcome to the intellectual Dark Age! Dr.Roberts

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