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Good Morning from Freedom Prepper

It’s July 27, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.


Science and Sickness

  • Before CORONA!!!!, the luciferians were out to contaminate girls with Gardasil, allegedly to prevent cancer. So, now … the Gardasil is what causes the cancer and other health problems. These are the kinds of people who will offer you a COVID “vaccine.” We need one against them. Children’sHealth
  • And, to make sure the new cancers, sterility, or depopulation from the “vaccine” sticks – they’ll have to give us many, many, many doses. So says the corrupt and devious Billy Bob Gates of Hell. AnnB
  • Forget the “vaccine.” Even the tests for the flu are suspect. Heck, forget the testing, because you can now test positive even if you never take a test. This is called a hoax and a fraud and a crime against humanity. NaturalNews
  • What’s more American than baseball??? Nowadays, I suppose just about anything… They just opened up the lamest, shortest, bemasked, fanless, funless season ever heard of. But, at least they did have Dr. Chicken Little tossing (like a young hen) the opening pitch! ap (a “news” outlet without a history or culture)
  • Speaking of Dr. Doom, here’s the science against the masks, preceded by Fauci explaining stupidly why he doesn’t need science when it comes to masks. This, even as he didn’t wear his (or wear it much) in the empty stands after his pitiful pitch. If this is confusing, it’s because he’s a liar. LRC

Orane Man Cancels GOP Convention! It’s just as well, given that we know who the nominee is. His reason? Take a wild guess. Now, maybe he’ll make the projecting commies happy and cancel the pointless general election! CNBC

In Other !Science! News: The US wants to build nuclear reactors on Mars! This is the most insane thing I’ve heard since they closed the planet Earth over a cold bug. Seriously, we can’t build reactors in Burke County, Georgia. We have no chance 45 million miles away. USN


Seeds of Doom


Did you recently receive some unsolicited seeds in the mail?

Don’t open them! First it was the Chinese virus, now it’s the Chinese seeds – coming in from who knows where or why. Call the USDA as these, whatever they are, may be dangerous to local plants. Dr. Fauci says the seeds can kill all life in the universe… NewsTribune


The Economy of Things


How high can gold go? We’re about to find out as the metal rockets up due to massive international uncertainty. It’s more of an AU-shaped recovery than the v thing they lied about. Silver will rise too. YahooFin

In hard times, at least we have cheap stuff at Walmart to keep us going. They have a mask policy, but, as this series of little videos demonstrates, many people are retaining their sanity and humanity and are still allowed to shop. LRC

Few are talking about it, but millions or renters and mortgage buyers may soon face eviction. No jobs. Fed funds in limbo. Local rules running out. This could be a catastrophe. Many thanks to the hoaxers and the usurers. EconCollapse




Rapefugee recidivism meets immigration invasion in Sweden! A local Somali savage and Swedish “citizen” was fresh out of jail for raping a child. So, naturally, he raped another, even younger child. Why, yes, I too was just thinking of creative uses for a woodchipper. FreeWest


But wait! The kids, some of them, strike back. A gang of thuggish yoots in Chicago, who are probably honorary Swedish “citizens,” have been on an extended carjacking and robbery spree. No arrests have been made (of course), but Chiraq’s Mayor-like-creature called a press secretary a “Karen.” GET OUT OF THE CITIES! FOX5NY


Are we heading into Lockdown 2.0? Or, did the first stupid, unncessary version never end? It’s hard to say anymore. Whichever it is, it is bad. And, just wait for versions 3, 4, 5… Yahoo


We have to give the other side some credit – they never let up! Here’s the “truth” about the pandemic of 1918, when, according to the fake news, everyone wore a mask! They lead off with a period photo, from a field hospital full of hundreds of people … none of whom are wearing masks… CharlotteObserver


Margaret Sanger was one of the most hideous and evil women to ever live, partly responsible for tens of millions of murders. Yet, it was what she said, some of it, that upset the snowflakes in NYC to the point they took her name off the local Planned Homicidehood Lair. They say they can now keep killing babies with a clean anti-eugenic conscience. WBNG12




The US Used to be Family-Friendly


Now, but for Mexico, it ranks dead last in a survey of best nations to raise children. F after F for us in the US. I’m sure this will improve as soon as we tear down a few more statues. Meanwhile, in civilized Poland… AsherFergusson

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Temporibus autem quibusdam et aut officiis debitis aut rerum necessitatibus saepe eveniet.


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