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Prepper News, 7/28/20


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Good Morning from Freedom Prepper

It’s July 28, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.


Fakest News

  • Now you see it, now you don’t. The MSM was almost set to give a voice to the reasonable “plandemic” theory – until they were not. After all, why ever have two sides to the narrative? CNN
  • Among the pandemic planners, Sweden is enemy number one because of the way they stoutly shrugged off the bug and the hype. Don’t be Sweden! They warn. Of course, in Sweden, the deaths are over. Odd, huh? (See the chart!) UNZ
  • The planners are also projectionists. They now say that only diabolical narcissists refuse to wear bank robber masks. They lie. They double down. They project. Newsweek
  • They also claim there is a “battle” ongoing in Portland and that Trump is evil for doing next to nothing about it (as opposed to being evil if he did something). The left has been getting their way for too long. One hour of real combat and the streets would be free again. This raises the question as to why we’re holding back. DailyCaller
  • The left is also psychotically unhinged that Trump has refused to leave office – four months before he gets reelected. This is a high-level projection. HChron

Playing in the street is stupid, which is why parents used to warn kids against it. The “peaceful” protesters don’t get it, so they get run over – again and again. This time was different as they decided to shoot each other at the same time. CBS4

The Black Panthers had a similar problem, when they stomped around Louisville the other day. While demanding “justice,” they had a little friendly fire, which I’m guessing the BPs shot would say wasn’t so friendly. You’re doing it wrong! DailyMail


BIG Election Ahead!


Are You Ready?

The “International Man” says this is the most important election in history. I could not disagree more, but the man makes some good points. The Uniparty has really lined up two excellent choices for you, let me tell you. This assumes there will be an election. DougCasey


International COVID Economics!


Zambia is a decent, civilized, and Christian nation in Africa. Things were really looking up there until the banksters wrecked the world economy, er, the virus hit… Now, they have to worry about an exploding national debt … because of the virus. Thank God, we in Amerika, have no such debt issues! WSJ

Wait, they found a cure, or a cause, rather. Corona is caused by the gig economy. Really… For all its drawbacks, independent contracting does offer freedom. Which is probably why the usual suspects are now attacking it through their hoax. We really need to start collecting names. Yahoo

TikTok is an app that let’s dumb people make online fools of themselves. With little else to do during the shutdown, it almost makes sense – except that we know, and have known, that the app is a ChiCom spy site. Why not blame the virus on all those trashy videos and ban TT? Forbes




Everyone (except me) claims they love Abe Lincoln. Yet, many (including me) find fault with Don Trumpy. Maybe Orange Man really should go “full Lincoln.” We do, after all, have more than a few subversive enemies running around. Old Abe, for all his issues, knew how to deal with dangerous people (except that last guy). PCR


Everyone keeps asking, “what’s wrong with the public schools.” Anthony Esolen says it’s everything they do and everything they don’t do. But, in a truth-free nation, we have a new answer, courtesy of Carlos Slim’s Blog: it’s YOU. LRC


China stoking division within the US of A??? Probably. And, why wouldn’t they? They’re just picking up a game long in play for their own interests. VoxDay


The K2 is regarded as the most dangerous, if only second highest mountain on Earth, killing around 20% of the people who set foot on it. So, one crazy Pole decided to tackle it … on skis. And he made it down, all the way from the top. This is a dizzying video that proves just about anything can be done! RedBull (The Drink)


Popular “culture” has fallen so low that now Disney appears to be less healthy than pornography. Yes, really, at least as we’re told by one misguided degenerate who has worked in both (or, are they the same?) industries. Not our normal fare, but sadly informative. FYI: ditch both! DailyBeast




Teach Your Children Well


The final word of today’s segment goes to Mr. Scott Hughes! Scott, late last week, posted one of the best original FP articles in memory – all about teaching situational awareness to the kids. This is a must-read for any parent anywhere in the West. FreedomPrepper! (Not merely a gratuitous self-link!)

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