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Good Morning from Freedom Prepper

It’s July 29, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.


Pandemic Landia

  • CNN says because of mild death rates, we must close the economy down forever. The very best hysteria from our beloved fake news! CNN
  • FLA, with a population a little higher than NY, passed NY in CUMULATIVE Corona(ish) cases. How many recoveries and false positives??? Reuters
  • The FAUX News is fake too. Here, they correctly note the nation is burning, but they have to steep it all in the terms of a drug-adicted felon who committed suicide by dope, thus becoming a hero. No sense … these are not “protests.” FOX
  • Is this a “protest?” Or, is it a crazy woman violently attacking a couple for minding their own business? Watch the (mentally) handicapped nut mace the normies. DISRN
  • In between attacks and “protests,” we are sometimes still treated to lectures about inequality. Could it all be natural? Do we even understand ourselves, before we consider others? Here’s an older review of another ignored book. AmRen

One Hoax is Permanent: the rulers do not care about you. Ever. Stalin didn’t and neither do the uniparty thugs of Amerika. Gary Barnett on the ruse. LRC

The People Love a Tyrant! Or, they seem to now. Once upon a time, in a different America, people were free and proud. They’ve been “cured” of that malady. How? AmCom


Braindead as a Hammer


Majority Support Jail for Mask Resistance

As the national IQ drops perilously close to 90, the people will fall for just about anything. In this formerly free and strong country, a great majority, 72%, support police action against normies who refuse to embrace the diaper-faced hoax. No amount of voting will help this decline. InfoWars


It’s Not the Politics Anymore


Emanuel Celler’s satanic immigration act was perhaps the worst legislation of the past 200 years. But, at this terminal point, would repealing it even help? The Trump talks but does not do. Yet, it’s an idea. Read more at VDARE

Another shifting, nearly-pointless poll finds a drop in “conservatism” during this year. These things bounce around. What does not is the fact that conservatives never conserve anything. Why would anyone ever identify as one? Gallup

The end result of the decades-long slide is a slow-motion civil war, currently only fought by the agents of the globopedos. American cities are burning. Here’s the latest recap: MikeSnyder




A desperate bid to get reelected has the GOPers promising to make China pay for the pandemic unleashed by the CIA. And, they also feign interest in renewing American manufacturing. Nice, if it works, but those odds… Breitbart


John Roberts is a strange man, one of those great conservatives who never conserve anything. This time, he gives a Nevada church the finger over bans on worship. Comrade Lenin approves from the depths of hell. DISRN


Hanna does Houston! Or, Corpus Christi. The first hurricane of the year hit Texas in the wake of the tragic death of George Floyd, who died while unarmed and in police custody. Scientists are split on whether the weather was caused by climate change or the corona. (See how stuoid the hoaxing is?) Big rain, little damage. Life on the coast. ap (a new outlet with no history or culture)


Gold is golden again! Many thanks to the pols and other liars who downed the general economy. Silver is rising too. Hard metals for hard times. YahooFin


Al Capone was a gangster criminal. But, he had a little (little) class and he never caused the havoc in Chicago that decades of diversity and retrograde societal evolution have. Is this the future of the whole country? Gangster’s paradise? RT






That’s a word and a number and it’s one heck of a round. Is this the solution? The wall might have to agree it was … watch the video! KYBallistics

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