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Prepper News, 7/30/20


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Good Morning from Freedom Prepper

It’s July 30, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.


Doctors, Germs, and Money

  • Move over Monopoly Money! It’s FedCoin from the Federal Reserve! This is an idea whose time has come: the banksters deposit fake money into your digital account and the feds track your every move. The mask-wearers will love it, the real mark of the beast. InfoWars
  • Something happened to the v-shaped recovery – like it was a lie and we’re financially dead. Maybe FedCoin can help? Read more about the real news of the collapse. MikeSnyder
  • Meet “Hungry Santa,” as ridiculed by Elon Musk. Musk is a suspect character, but he has a great sense of humor. RT
  • The neocons who helped wreck America are desperate. And, they’re stupid. They don’t even understand themselves, let alone the sane people of China. More, from VOXDAY.
  • Mayor De Blasio, look out! A team of hunters are in NYC, with dogs, and they’re looking for rats! Wait … these are just common street rats. My bad. But, they have a lot of those too in the Rotten Apple. WSJ

Here’s a Look at the Mental Health of a Nation under COVID mania. It’s not good, but there are ways to cope. OrganicPrepper

Boomers, Do You Want To Buy Out? To escape the wreck you helped create? Here’s a list of countries where you can buy citizenship. You’ll be  amark as soon as you arrive, but that’s your business. If you’re young and innocent, I will have some better, cheaper, saner suggestions tomorrow. Forbes


Clear Miracle in a Bottle


What Can’t Rubbing Alcohol Do?

It takes the sting out of bug bites but does not make a good drink. Scott has all the various uses – some you know, others you don’t – in this week’s exciting, original FP article. Check it out! FreedomPrepper


My Corona…


The WHO, who else(?), says COVID is the worst thing that has ever happened. On top of their pandemic warning, they’ve issued a pandemic warning. They also say, “send money.” Corona.  DailyMail

Fear not! The “Red Dawn” team of busybodies is on it! Or, they were before they were ignored. Any group named after an 80’s movie has to be right, right? COVID… ABC

Does the bug spread through or with air conditioning? If so, I’d imagine the AC makers have a solution. Wait, they do. Call them for an upgrade$$$. MSN




Get your mark of the BEAST! Sign up now for Google’s exciting new digital tattoo! We assume this is how you will get your FedCoins – and get shut down if you act up. If you get one of these, you will be banned from FP… BizStandard


Drinking water is now illegal in Miami – which used to be an American city. Lower your magic face forcefield and the cops swoop in with a $100 fine. But, the weather is nice. Reason


Eric Sammons questions and explores the limits of (Christian) obedience using the corona mania as a backdrop. Do we have limits? Find out at, CRISIS


Remember Libya? That other great international banking boondoggle that ended poorly for everyone except the illuminati? Now, two NATO “friends” may be on a collision course over the sands of the wrecked North African nation. These things have a way of spilling over and costing us all. RT


The left tells us, on the one hand, that ACAB. On the other, they talk about diversity uber alles. So, one would think (which the left does not) they’d like a female Muslim cop, right? Not really. But, she still has a kind request for them. Good luck, Madam Officer. InfoWars




Take a “Cute” Break


See the cutest little critter in Florida! It’s Sydney the echidna, which I think is like the troublesome tribbles from Star Trap.  TampaBayTimes

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