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Prepper News for 7/31/2020


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It’s July 31, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.



  • Here’s an older analysis we somehow missed. It just may be that the doctors and the hospitals are the major factors in spreading, not fighting, Corona. Just stay healthy. KDenninger
  • The Gates-man has been pushing his agenda for years, consequences be damned. Here, again, we see that his “vaccines” are extremely dangerous, supercharging the viruses they’re supposed to fight. AnnB
  • And, of course, the beloved, conservative, “America first” Orange Man is pushing the “vaccine” like mad. Maybe he’s trying to get reelected? ap (news with no culture or history)
  • Here’s the Billion-dollar Trump-Gates “vaccine” nexus. You’re paying for this – for now, only with your taxes… LRC
  • NY has just about banned the entire world, adding a few stragglers to the list of bad, sickly visitors. (Refugees and criminals are still welcome, don’t worry). NYPost

Florida! Guess what? Just in time for your [virus] surge, here comes a new tropical storm! Keep a wary eye on this one in case you need to mask up and head out. OrlandoSentinel

We don’t need no stinking facts! That’s the mantra from the mad masses on Corona and everything else. Here’s Tom Woods to set them straight. (VIDEO) Mises




Time for the big Big Out???

Yesterday, I mentioned better ideas for escaping the fall of the US Empire – for young Posterity Americans, that is. Here’s my newest book, on civilized alternatives for the right traditional people. Yours free => GETOUT!


Amerikan Pillars of Salt


Land of the free? How can a free people in a free land be afraid of speaking, thinking, or acting? The polls are in and it’s not pretty. More like Land of the Lemmings. VoxDay

Elsewhere, we find praise, not condemnation, of and for hedonism. It almost makes sense: people who surrender free-thinking, might as well party while they can. StudyFinds

Naturally, an unfree, heathen people will seek pleasure and NOT have children. Americans haven’t been making babies during the scamdemic. Here’s an “economic” report – like that matter so much; of course, it weaves in a little Promethean wizardry at the end. Bloomberg




Great news for criminals! Orange Man, as predicted, is doing little more than preparing to cave on DACA. Let him get through the sham election and he’ll grant amnesty. Mexico First! Politico


Meanwhile, you the unwanted traditional American, will be spied upon, objectified, robbed, and mistreated with impunity. Here, learn how they watch and track you at the drugstore. Wrong aid… Reuters


Big Tech is out of control. Thus, they’re being hauled before Congress for preliminary antitrust talks. Or, maybe it’s the other way around. Hint: they’re going to get their way, not yours. Yahoo


Think I’m kidding? Here’s the GOP cave-in memo in advance of the hearings. Thanks to Mike Cernovich for digging this up. Jim”tha Crook”Jordan


We are overrun with lunatics who want to destroy civilization. They really, really want our children – to ruin lives and souls. Even some of their own ranks, like this “trans” person, see a problem. Maybe it’s worth looking into. RT






Happy days are here again! That is, if you own gold and silver. Gerald has the latest trends – in a nutshell, outside of hard currency, this thing is falling down. GeraldCelente

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