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Prepper News: 8/5/2020


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Good Morning from Freedom Prepper

It’s August 5, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.


Mask Mania!!!

  • They say, “don’t ditch the masks just yet.” Yeah… It seems that the “vaccine” only works, maybe, kinda, sorta, they’re just not sure, in less than half the test cases. At least, in the trial victims the “vaccine” doesn’t kill. Science! Yahoo
  • Parents aren’t sure whether it’s safe to send their babies off to be abused by a bunch of child-diddling communists because of a hoax. Yes, I’d say they “struggle.” ap (news without culture or history)
  • Straight from the pages of 1984: the Fed says we must destroy the economy (again) to save the economy. We have always died from Corona… TheHill
  • DO NOT get used to this foolishness. So says Selco in a great article about surviving the freakish new normal, that isn’t. OrganicPrepper
  • This isn’t normal by any definition. People, like the idiots in this video , are going nuts. AnnB

More Angry Nuts abound everywhere. Another video encounter with psychosis. We need to treat these loons like the threats they are. LRC

Not All Is Lost! Hordes of good people take to the streets to protest their enslavement. This time, it’s in Germany. There, rapefugees are loved and tolerated, good people are attacked by the Polizi. ASSociated press (again, sans culture and history, etc)


Slaves to Addiction


15 Dopamine Hits We Could Do Without

Except for number one, coffee – we need coffee. Cafe. Java. Kava. Kawa. Read the others and see which you could skip for a better, happier life. RooshV


Economic Indicators


US Debts were downgraded for some odd reason. It’s not like the economy is closed and the dollar is backed by nothing but legalized monopoly fiat. Strane. MSN

The misdirection continues! Here, we see the wizards trying to shift the dying dollar and the collapse of the country back to the virus. Viruses infect people; banksters infect economies. Bloomberg

New normal. New normal. New normal. If they say it enough, then… What is normal for US companies these days? Make nothing and watch stocks rise? This is anything but normal. WSJ




The latest trends still don’t look very good. Gerald breaks down the continued slide and makes a few predictions. A must watch. GeraldCelente


Stay off the cruise ships. We learned early on these giant tourist traps are floating disasters for disease. They’re back at sea and the sickness spreads anew. USAT


See if you can spot the SJW-ism in this story about social class types. These people are as predictable as cows at feeding time – “inequality everywhere! Ladders


If they can get the “vaccine” to stop killing and harming test cases, then even then, it won’t be an immediate silver bullet. It will be a continuation of the never-ending hoax. Beware! SeattleTimes


Back to the “new normal,” why are we led into servitude to the same old useless masters? Why do we tolerate it for a second? Do you enjoy your new, debased life and nation? No? Good. BurningPlatform




Econ. Reading List


Things must be a little better in Austria than in the US, because the economic collapse is already upon Amerika. Still, lovely Lilly has some great suggestions for economic collapse survival reading. SurvivalLilly

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