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Prepper News, 8/7/20


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Good Morning from Freedom Prepper

It’s August 7, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.


Take Great Care With Fertilizer!

  • You’ve probably heard the news out of Beirut: 2,705 TONS of fertilizer, forgotten about in a port warehouse, exploded with the force of a small A-bomb. If you live near a factory or storage facility for this agricultural material, know that it only takes a spark. DailyMail
  • It could (could) have been terrorists, but I’d blame bureaucratic incompetence. OM blames a bomb. Of course… Yahoo
  • OM was elected to build a wall. Instead, he’s repurposed a few miles of fence. And even in that, he’s falling down. His construction crews are manned by smuggling illegals. Breitbart
  • Justice in NYC! Rich liberal trash pushes the societal destruction that causes crime. Now, it’s come to them in their elite neighborhoods. Karma. FOX
  • The rest of us need to fight. A 99-year-old woman did and successfully beat off a home-invading thug, whom I’d guess looks a lot like one of BHO’s mythical sons. ABC5

80% Want to Homeschool! For some reason, I doubt more than 8% will. Still, it’s a little hope. StudyFinds.

Teachers Don’t Want to Teach. They’re protesting nationwide, using the “virus” as an excuse. This has nothing to do with the other hoax, this is about government workers wanting money for nothing. Reuters


Mississippi, You have a problem…


Is your governor Okay?

Because he just ordered you to wear feminine face diapers. Look into removing him at your earliest convenience. ClarionLedger


Spying on Spys


The NSA is all of a sudden concerned about smart technology being a security threat. Shock! Surprise! WSJ

Why does that sound almost exactly like what Edward Snowden was saying last year. Of course, he was trying to help, not take over the spying like the NSA. And of course, he had to say this on Joe Rogan’s suspect show. At least it was said… Snowden/Rogan

Another government agency probably controls the “Q” group, which is causing feigned hysteria on the left as the next, useless election approaches. Who knew psyh-op starts with q? Axios




The P in LGBTP stands for pedos. They want your kids, probably to molest first, then to eat. I’m not kidding with either motivation. Legislation is floating now to legalize this evil. Conservatives conserved nothing in the past, so they will offer little resistance now. We must stop this. Taki


Down Under, they’re getting a feel for the second hoax lockdown. We’re next, unless you live in MS (then, it’s now). More confusion and less sense. And fines, maybe jail. Over a hoax. DNYUZ


A collapsing economy and a hoax lifestyle has gold soaring to record highs. This is great if you bought gold, though I foresee the price rising even higher. It’s bad as it is an ancient indicator that things are really, really bad. MarketWatch


Black Live Matter! Unless, that is, a black life tries to save itself from a violent mob. Arm yourself against violence, like this man did, and get arrested for threatening the “peaceful” thugs with blood in their eyes. KTLA


The chest cold, and associated hoax, is hitting rural areas now. That’s where the food comes from. If people can’t pick crops, or are not allowed to (by the hoaxers), then how will we get food? Maybe now’s the time to start a garden. TheHill




Past Time on the PassTime


Sports used to be fun – to play and to watch. I’m too old, weak, and grumpy to play anymore and watching has become an SJW state/lucifer-worship service. Here’s how baseball fell. CrisisMag

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Temporibus autem quibusdam et aut officiis debitis aut rerum necessitatibus saepe eveniet.


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