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Prepper News 8/12/20


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Good Morning from Freedom Prepper

It’s August 12, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.


The Imbalance

  • Here’s medical science I could get behind! The fearful want everyone else masked or else. Most of them are a tad overweight. So, how about forcing the overweight to house arrest? Or else? RT
  • If the police knock late at night, don’t open the door. Or, don’t do so with a gun in hand. If they have a warrant, they’ll kick the door down. If you have a gun, they will kill you. Then, they’ll fabricate a story to justify the swatting. (DISTURBING Video) YT
  • Nobody is flying because half the world is locked under a hoax and the other half is dead broke. Not good for the airlines. MSN
  • We know what the “number one aggravator” of COVID is! It’s other people. Surprise, surprise, a communicable disease is communicated by the community. Who knew? Ladders
  • Deep, terminal decline is communicated by mass migration. Here are the frightening new numbers that show where Amerika is headed in a year of ten. Oops. These are from 20 years ago. Too late? AmRen

Biden 2020! Yes! Just what we’ve been waiting for! The Dems will hold something like a convention sometime soon, when they will nominate someone to assist Creepy Joe in losing this November. CNN

Minimalism. Just like the Dems are adopting a failed strategy to fail at the ballots, Americans, 40 percent of them, have adopted minimalist living. It’s not that they’re preppers or hermits, it’s that they are dead broke and can’t help it. StudyFinds




Amerikan Public “Schools” Have Failed

Transvestism and gender dysphoria, once mental disorders, are now sacred rights. So says the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. Your sane children do not matter to the satanists who run these failed institutions. READ THIS OPINION (At least the dissent). “Conservatives” fail again!


Poly-Ticks (many ticks)


Orange Man, empowered by the stupid John Roberts, taunts the disloyal opposition with rule by EO. He says (and that’s all he ever does) he will cut taxes, permanently. I call BS. MSN

Retarded and evil Demoncrats fear that AG Barr has a nasty October surprise in store for them and their nation-wrecking, child-molesting ways. Is “Q” writing the Dem narrative now? I also call BS on this BS. NPR

Few notice, but Amerika is losing her empire. There is no chance of military victory over China, regarding Taiwan or anything else. No Pax. No Amerikana. VoxDay




We’re in an economic depression. Just as video killed the radio star, inflation and financial sorcery killed the mall. Some people blame Amazon and online shopping. They’re wrong but, anyway, now Amazon is looking at occupying old, dead malls for distribution purposes. Progress? WSJ


Chaos reigns in the government schools. In addition to LGBTP mania, they also struggle with what to do in the age of the hoax. Photos of unmasked faces got students suspended. Now, opened schools are closed again. Chaos. HOMESCHOOL! MarketWatch


Chicago: a thug pulled a gun on the cops and was accordingly shot. So, the “good people” came out in peaceful protests. Somehow many stores were looted amidst massive violence. NYPost


And the cops in Chi-town are on it! They’re looking at social media to track you, the innocent Coronahoax victim. 1984, now, baby! Fox5


California has earthquakes, we know. But few remember that the tremors can hit places like North Carolina. One did, being over magnitude 5. The earth moved! CharlotteObserver




Another Resource


I never knew, but the USGS keeps a website for monitoring earthquakes around the old land of the mask and the home of the fear. Have a look. See what’s … shaking. USGS

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