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Good Morning from Freedom Prepper

It’s August 14, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.


They’re Stealing Everything

  • If you’ve accepted the fear mask, they’ll next ask you to take the “vaccine.” Then, with that or just after, they’re coming back with more dope to control your mind. Many (most?) will go right along. AnnB
  • As always, they want to take your money. And, they’ll get – again – just as they always do. EPAutos
  • Doped and poor, they can’t have you speaking, so they’re constantly limiting what you can say on their low-IQ mind-control sites like Facebergbook. Why support people who hate you? Verge
  • Criminals, possibly to include the socials and their pet government, can now take your image via deep fakes. Is nothing sacred? SUN
  • For now, the ADA is, one pointless, illegal, previous law that interferes with the latest hoax. Just tell whomever that masks are a hazard to you and they back off or risk a $93K fine. LRC

Back to the Theft, the WHO (WHO else?) says to delay routine dental work because of the virus. Before they said you needed to practically live at the dentist. Maybe that was the Dentist$. If you need a root canal, get one. No fear. Reuters

Big Tech, of course, wants to take your data. And they do, as TikTok does, even in defiance of other Big Tech policies – which amount to very little. Thank the god-emperor that TT will soon be absorbed by an even larger tech monster. Yay? WSJ


Election 2020



All those months spent lurking and medicating in the basement have paid off! Creepy Joe has picked the very worthy Kamala Harris!!! as his VP in his coming loss this November. The US’s first woman of color on the Dem ticket, who loved prosecuting black men for anything possible and hates guns, will go down like the US’s first female war criminal on the ticket. Congratulations to Donald Trump on his re-election. Politico


Strange Times


President Trump – not OM, today – named names in the Obamagate coup and called their acts treason at his press conference the other day. This is a surprising tactic because it indicates he might possibly do something about the crimes. My guess is that it would be Tweet, but we’ll see. CTreeHouse

Tucker C entertained an interesting doctor with an interesting theory: have unvaccinated children wear yellow tags. One wonders if these might be star-shaped or come with matching tattoos. Is this a joke? Bexarpatriot/FAUX

For now, I guess labeling the kids beats shooting them in the head in their own front yards. That’s what one vibrant amerikan did to a five-year-old. Please forget this and all similar stories immediately. AmRen




If anything good came out of the explosion in Beirut, it is the departure of the (current) corrupt government. I’m sure the next bunch of crooks will do a much better job… NBC”news”


Just what do your kids learn in the failed government schools? Not much, except lies designed to make them hate themselves and our culture. That’s why the “teachers” are so afraid that they’ll be exposed for what they are via online lessons. Sadly, few of those “conservative” parents will even notice. WashExaminer


The lies aren’t working. Georgia is still a lost state, but they will get the first “Q” member of Congress, over and above the objections of the media, the usual suspects, and the worthless GOP. See if you can spot one of the lies (they just can’t help themselves) in the following story. AJC


A second-hand store in Savannah faced a backlash after they offered a discount to everyone except evil White People. What made them racist – well, in addition to the blatant discrimination – was the projected assumption that “people of color” are the economically disadvantaged ones. AJC


Were you looking for a baby boom after the Coronahoax lockdowns lifted (if ever)? I kind of was. Well, we’re not getting one, because Americans and other Westerners are afraid of everything, selfish, and living in a fading fake economy without hope. But, hey, all that important television got done, right? WaPo




All Junk All The Time


Gerald is back with the latest from the markets, the poly-ticks, and all else that’s fit to predict. He’s right as usual, especially about “them” turning our minds into junk. WATCH!

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