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It’s September 9, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.


The Coup of 2020

  • It’s arguable that the deep state has been running an attempted coup against Trump since before he took office. Here’s an evolving theory about the possible use of the military to remove him if he loses in November. AmericanMind
  • But, wait: there’s more. Here’s a theory about the coup if Trump loses. These people are preparing, either way, folks. WhitneyWebb
  • Either way, any way, they’re looking to false flag Kamala, er, Joe, into office. And, that’s how the chance is presented – as a must-have false flag. We’ve had more than a few this year already and Antifa and the budding civil war may be the hottest ticket they have. StrategicCulture
  • Once again, Antifa is a communist, globalist terror organization. They’re better equipped, armed, organized, and funded that most can imagine. They are legitimately dangerous. From the ground in Portlandia: NCscout.
  • Antifa is already carrying out color revolution assassinations. They are using tactics previously reserved for the CIA and SIS in regime changes, though cartels have partially adopted these. What does that tell you? COsweda

The Revolution is Real. At every level, traditional America is under attack. The facts don’t matter anymore to an enemy out of control. Note: if you’re uncomfortable with Dr. Roberts’s assessment as to “White America,” then know that he means the traditional – it’s not entirely accurate, just mostly accurate. Know too that your discomfort comes from the fear that people who want you dead might call you names (what’s worse?). PCR 

The Effects Are Being Felt: NYC is coming apart at the seams. Other cities will follow. This is the cost of the “pandemic” and the riots and a change in the culture. Get. Out. Of. The. Cities. Fox5




Preppers Were Right All Along

And, yes, Virginia, it did take a “pandemic.” Really it took more: economic disaster, civil unrest, etc., but now, at last, even normies are coming to terms with the SHTF. Preppers no longer face the ridicule of the tin-foil hat kind. Now, they’re going to dismiss us out of jealousy. Watch. And, read this: OrganicPrepper.


The Lies Never Stop (A Word from the “Loyal” Opposition)


So scholarly! Here’s a suggestion that Kyle R. was a (nonexistent) Boogaloo. That, and an admission that the 17-year-old, no AR thing doesn’t hold water and that the Second Amendment is real and protects us. All that and a very confused understanding of the (American) law. Mixed messages, almost funny to read. Mossad NBC”News”

Dissing Our Hero. Saint Kyle of Antioch is in the running for the greatest American hero of the 21st Century. Oddly, predictably, in defiance of all truth and logic, the other side doesn’t see it that way. They, Leonard Pitts specifically, just see him as another “armed white boy.” I thought “boy” was “racist”??? SLTrbune/MiamiHerald

Mostly Getting It. The WSJ is generally neutral. They correctly criticize the globos at Farcebook for the censorship of Kyle’s side of the one-sided story. A better criticism would be that Farcebook itself, and not just it’s anti-American policies, is the mistake. And, you still have an account, right? For the jokes and pics and whatnot? WSJ




High Risk of Hoax: Here’s a funny list of risky, from least to worst, activities wherein you might contract the dreaded plague. One will note that hospitals and nursing homes are not tied for first place. Instead, the top slots are for religious worship, having fun, and staying healthy. It’s like there’s an agenda to kill our minds, bodies, and souls… SUN


Viruses Are Real, even if they’re, some of them, not really dangerous. As such, there can be real and effective vaccines. Now, if the working cure comes from Russia, will the deep state accuse it of stealing our democracy or something? Alja – (sometimes the Western media has nothing) – zeera


Flying Sans Mask. Commercial air travel is now like paying to get groped or irradiated only to ride in a prison bus loaded with heavy-set lunatics. (Y’all have fun with that). If you want to fly normally – without a face diaper – then, here’s how. And, this is a difficult thing – as if commercial air travel. LRC


Grid Down Golden State. It happens every year but it’s still “news.” California doesn’t have enough power capacity, so, when summer heat maxes things out, the lights go off. Thus, the need to move back to America or have alternative power. A lesson for us all. Reuters


Current Events Discussion, with Vox Day. VOx tackles the media, the meddlers, Antifa, Kenosha, and more in this latest (soon-to-be-gone) edition of the Darkstream






The Church of the Least “holy” Corporation! There’s a war on Christianity, led by multiple factions, one such being the evil giant Corps. of Slavelandia. With no real religion, they’re instituting cult-like rituals that have a strange smell about them. Kind of like sulfur. Do you smell it? You will after reading this one. Yahoo!

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Temporibus autem quibusdam et aut officiis debitis aut rerum necessitatibus saepe eveniet.


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