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Good Morning from Freedom Prepper

It’s September 10, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.


Dollars, Debt, Dissolution

  • What a recovery in the economy! There has been one, as you know, for those who happen to already be extremely wealthy. This is the product of a flood of new fake money to the 1%. Everyone else? Yeah, so how are you doing? Politico
  • Determined to keep the party going (for them), the Fed keeps the inflationary wheels turning. Higher prices, just in time for most people having less money. Brilliant! RonPaul
  • If the technocrats and the banksters get their way (and only a full collapse can stop them), then we’ll all be replaced by bots and AI. This may tend to increase unemployment just a little. InfoWars
  • The problem – one of them – is the complete financialization of the economy: fake debt and slavery. The solution is to cancel the debt, all of it, and make usury a felon. But the communists keep floating a wealth tax as the prudent thing, even as there’s nowhere nearly enough wealth to balance the debt out. Here’s why this terrible idea is also a terrible idea. ZeroHedge
  • Where’s this going? It’s obvious. A man who watched the USSR fall apart now predicts the same fate for the USSA. It’s only a matter of when. Dmitry Orlov

You’ll hear all about it in the “debates”… Just kidding, there may not be a debate in this most useless election ever. Here are eight states to watch, if you’re morbidly-inclined – that could determine the pointless. Yawn. Politico

And, Don’t Forget the Hoax! The “experts” are really worried – so worried that they’re still floating the wrong death numbers and they’re on the cumulative case count, never considering the massive numbers who “get it” but suffer no ill effects and recover quickly. Y’all being played! The historyless, cultureless ap.


The Usual Suspects


Demanding the Usual Things

Why is it, every single time, that neocons want destruction? Another non-Amerikan yahoo who demanded war, now demands the other side of the same coin: mass migration. And, by “mass,” I mean MASS. RT


Crime and Stupidity


Naked Idiots get naked to protest the drug overdose death of a naked PCP enthusiast. A very healthy society. Showing their ASS-ociated Press

Meanwhile, in the UK, a handful of intelligent folks protest the persecution of Julian Assange. Assange is the forgotten journalist who is being hounded by US criminals for exposing corruption. SKY

Nerf Attack! Let a government teacher see a toy on a ZOOM “class” session, and expect the police to come calling. Homeschool or suffer this. Reason




Don’t Watch Porn. As if it isn’t degrading enough by itself, it could have also been the chosen communication method of a certain terrorist. If not, then know that someone else much worse than OBL does use it to communicate rank evil. DailyBeast


The College Hoax. With two (maybe a few more) exceptions, US colleges and universities are next to useless. They can’t even manage a viral hoax. Classes came back, a few harmless COVID cases allegedly appeared, and home go the victims, er students. Trade school or apprenticeship, young prepper. WSJ


The Same Heretics who wrecked education are now happy to do the same thing to churches. Here’s an update on the oppressed but brave church in California that’s fighting off the tiny tyrants. LRC


The Coup Continues! Lately, the most amazing lies have been floated about the Trump, that he actively ridicules dead soldiers. No proof, as usual, is needed. He, not by Tweet!, says that though the brass may not like him, the rank and file love him. This could matter if the coup goes martial. MSN


Devil in the Details. With Antifa, have you noticed something distinctly luciferian? If so, then take a look also at BLM. Here’s a great argument that the leadership of this communist organization is steeped in the occult. Crisis




Markets and Murder!


What do they have in common this year? See what Gerald Celente says, entertaining as always. Subscribe to: Trends

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