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Good Morning from Freedom Prepper

It’s September 16, 2020

Here’s what you need to know.


News of the (Mad) World

  • Good news from Afghanistan. It is probably just “Russian meddling in our democracy,” but it looks as if someone wants a little peace in the perpetually war-torn country. The nominal government and the Taliban may sit down for earnest peace talks. We should wish all parties well – from a distance. BBC
  • Fourth Reich Rising??? From Europe comes news that the formerly fiscally responsible Germans, under the *ahem* incredible leadership of Herr Merkel, is paving the way to dominance by doing what they were long criticized for refraining from. The US catch here, if one reads closely, is how our government banksters describe balanced budgets as a “fetish.” Words have meanings. MSN
  • The Chinese have noticed that the US is indeed a threat to world peace. This does raise questions about the Dragon’s military buildup: Is it defensive? Or, do they want in on our game? Everyone is naturally stunned at the CIA ap.
  • The return of Chicken Little, MD! Gone but never silent, Dr. Fauci again warns that the almost harmless common cold is the most dire threat ever faced by humanity. Like he said earlier this year: 10 billion deaths! Or something… CNBC
  • Death cab for Cuties? Monday, I observed that Netflix is a satanic organization. This is clear as a bell from their pushing of the new softcore child porn movie from France – pushed with the financial help of some people you likely know. Now, finally, some GOP-critter in the Congress wants an investigation. Looking into my crystal ball, I see a coming prison sentence total of … 0. It’s up to us; cancel this insidious crap! DISRN

Political Shenanigans. There exists a group of women who voted for the Donald in 2016 and regret it. All of them are now committed to Creepy Joe. There’s a lot more to the astute decision-making processes at work – thank you, 19! Some say your beloved democracy is at risk. Read more: NewsTimes.

Your Beloved Democracy is at Risk. See. A bunch of political science professors, members of the academic sect that helped destroy a nation, are concerned. Concerned, they tell us! They have an index of things of little bearing on democracy that indicates a potential problem. Or, it could indicate that their alliance did a fine job. Something. StudyFinds


Prepper Lessons From Sweden


Got Situational Awareness?

From the not-so-great Ali! Watch the included vibrant video and observe how the Swedish woman walks innocently, but blindly, into a sucker punch. The larger lesson for Sweden and other Western countries is clear as a bell. If they act on the vigilante talk (rope, tree, done; you’re welcome), then they might win this war. For folks on the street: take a brief look around from time to time. Block. The three Ss. Something. Or else, end up on the ground, stunned while “Ali” laughs. RT


Out of Touch


Cometh the Next Dark Age! I’ve been saying something like this for the past decade: our times are more than unusual, they’re a “turning,” the likes of which are rarely seen in history. Here, read about the lies of the Enlightenment, the failure of neoliberalism, and the rise of voodoo stupidity. KarlDenninger

How Bad Is It? An alleged TeeVee news outlet solicited the help of a puppet bird to scare kids into wearing hoax-proof, magic, twigs or pool noodles while necessarily suffering at the communist child molestation factories. Poe, Shelley, and Lovecraft had nothing on our reality. RussiaToday

And, the Libertarian Response: That’s right, they don’t have one. Lawrence Vance is a good guy, and if we were all like him, then many his chosen pseudo-philosophy might be of use. As-is, never taking a stand is about the same as bending over. LRC




In Praise of Dr. Breggin. Our elder psychiatric statesman has been battling for sanity in the study of sanity for decades. He has done more to literally help sick people, and through them, all of us than anyone else. Read a little of the history, the success, and the lingering problems. Read it before Nurse Ratched comes around. Dr.Mercola


Everything is a “Conspiracy Theory,” especially when it’s proven definitely true. PizzaGate. Epstein. Cuties. Where’s the theory? It’s more like a conspiracy law. Learn to spot the lies and then cancel the liars. VoxDay


Whose Privilege Now? Dr. Roberts gives a great short summary of what’s really going on in our failing culture. What, exactly, will it take before self-hating liberals wake up? Or, is it already too late? PCR


Tales From Kenosha: Kyle of Antioch aside, no help came to the besieged people of that Wisconsin city. There are many, many prepper lessons in 4GW, urban survival, identity politics, and more in this fine article of first-hand accounts of the terror wrought by BLM and Antifa. OrganicPrepper


What Comes Next? The current insanity is not organic. Someone is pushing it – and preparing more. After this wave of unrest subsides, things will get even worse. Here’s what to do to prepare. MagicPrepperVideo




Toldyaso… (one word)


Corona is, among other nefarious things, a cover for the pre-existing collapse of the economy. So says Gary Barnett, today at LRC. He’s been on this not-so-hidden story for the duration. So have I. Your humble Perrin called the hoax, in almost these exact terms, back on March 12th. Not saying, just saying.

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