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Here Are 25 More Great Ideas To Stay Warm This Winter

Once again we examine the obvious: winter is coming! Still, even though it happens every single year, some people are caught unprepared. Do not be one of those people. Getting ready and staying warm in the sleet and snow is easier than you think.

Daisy Luther* posted another terrific article at her Organic Prepper site. (All of her articles are great!) Please read through her 25 Winter Preps. You will be glad you did once the temperature drops.

25 Super Tips For A Comfy Winter


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The following tips will help you from December through March. Stay warm and happy.

  1. Check doors for drafts. The time to repair is before the freezing air comes in.                                                                 
  2. Stop drafts from your windows. You might have to replace a window or two (or all of them). Then again, you may get by with just caulking. Do a full inspection.
  3. Use heavy drapes. This adds another layer of insulation between you and the cold outside.
  4. Place draft stoppers under outside doors.
  5. Don’t forget about attic and basement doors and other sources of draft.
  6. Prepare now for a potential power failure. Make sure you have alternative light and heat.
  7. Buy or cut wood for the fireplace or heater. Make sure it is seasoned to burn.
  8. Keep a backup heating system. Consider a propane heater or something similar.
  9. Use a carbon monoxide alarm. They are cheap and will save your life.
  10. Don’t forget about blankets and sweaters.
  11. Prepare to entertain the kids and yourself. Don’t get cabin fever.
  1. Think outside the box for winter indoor activities. You can play games. You can also plan for spring activities.
  2. A super easy way to stay warmer is to wear socks inside at all times.
  3. Ensure you have enough food stocked away in case of a blizzard or ice storm.
  4. Have an alternative way to cook the stored food. Power does go out sometimes.
  5. If it snows in your town, buy a snow shovel.
  6. Obtain some rock salt or other de-icers just in case. You don’t want to slip and fall in the driveway.
  7. Use a thermos to keep the coffee or cocoa hotter longer.
  8. Use mugs with lids to maintain heat longer.
  9. Stock up on all your medicines and hygiene items.
  10. If you have a well, make sure you have stored water in case something happens to the pump. If you can afford it, consider a hand pump just in case.
  11. Well or city water, check your pipes. Make sure they are properly insulated.
  12. Use a battery or power bank to charge devices if the power is out.
  13. Clean up the yard and your driveway. This helps with ice and snow and keeps everything looking good.
  14. I’m going to make you work for this one. Click on Daisy’s original for the last super tip!

*Daisy Luther is a single mom who lives in a small village in the mountains of Northern California, where she homeschools her youngest daughter and raises veggies, chickens, and a motley assortment of dogs and cats.   

She is a best-selling author who has written several books, including The Organic Canner,  The Pantry Primer: A Prepper’s Guide to Whole Food on a Half-Price Budget, and The Prepper’s Water Survival Guide: Harvest, Treat, and Store Your Most Vital Resource.  Daisy is a prolific blogger who has been widely republished throughout alternative media.

On her website, The Organic Prepper, Daisy uses her background in alternative journalism to provide a unique perspective on health, self-reliance, personal liberty, and preparedness. You can follow her on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter,.


Photo by YouTube.

Winter is a wonderful time. If you follow these easy tips you will be fully prepared for the cold. Then, you can concentrate on having fun. Snowmen, skiing, coffee by a fire – there are so many great options. Fretting over drafts and lack of heat need not stop your enjoyment.

Please share these ideas with your friends and family. A little knowledge goes a long way. They will appreciate the advice. We own Ms. Luther a big “thank you”. Thanks, Daisy!

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Perrin Lovett writes about freedom, firearms, and cigars (and everything else) at He is none too fond of government meddling.

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