30 Things Preppers Need to do Now for the Coming Economic Collapse

30 Things Preppers Need to do Now for the Coming Economic Collapse


And it is coming. Today’s video calls the situation “Imminent.” Of course, the video is a year old. But, let’s not delude ourselves. Imminent need not mean instantaneous. A year or five is sufficient, especially when there are so many warning signs around us. How much do we need to hear about the everything bubble before we take action?


Action is required unless one just wants to suffer. The Epic Economist listed 30 things you, we need to do now in order to ride out the next economic storm. Please watch:


Video by Epic Economist/YouTube.


Just a few things:


Stay on top of the news;


Assume the government and the Fed “experts” are liars;




Legacy Food Storage

Gear Up (Including clothes and shoes);


Guns save lives;


Alternative food sources; and





As with a storm of nature, with the economic variety there is no telling exactly when one will hit. But they do, always, hit- eventually. The key to survival is doing what one can to be ready – beforehand, not during or after.


Make good use of these tips, your general preps, and economic news. Pay attention to everything that concerns the markets, the money, and the government. FP will keep you posted. Using the information wisely is up to you.


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