30 Under $30! Great Survival Gear On The Cheap!

30 Under $30! Great Survival Gear On The Cheap!

Unless you’re Rambo with a knife only, you need multiple tools for our trade. And, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a complete novice (welcome!) it never hurts to look at good options. That is what we have, here, today. These are items you’ll find useful and which will not break the bank to obtain.

Today’s breakdown presentation was made possible by the great work of DropForgedSurvival on YouTube. Thirty items are a few too many to play my usual cruel trick at the end of the list: you’ll have to watch for many of these, not just one or two. But, I will list them out for you, if you’re making a list – which you should.

All pictures herein from DFS video.


Here Goes:

Feelle Solar Power Bank

Three solar panels in a convenient folding package: it’s water-proof, extremely portable, powerful, and even comes with a built-in flashlight. Find two standard USB ports and one mini for all your charging needs on the go. 

Keep the juice flowing Charge!

Wells Lamont Work Gloves

4DB 550 BLAZE Cordage

Corona Razor Tooth Folding Saw

Fiskars X7 Hand Axe

It’s a hand axe, or hatchet, or camp ax – take your pick! And take this one, from Fiskars, along for any chopping tasks on the trail. This is a brand you may know (and should trust) for all kinds of rugged tools. Lightweight and priced to please, this is the hacking blade for any outdoor job.

Consider it a … sharp pick.

Mobile Butane Camping Stove

As the packaging suggests, it’s professional and ideal for all outdoor cooking needs. This one is from Sterno, a name you can trust, but others are available, cheap, from brands like Coleman. Take the civility of the kitchen to your retreat, hunting property, or anywhere else.

Butane fuel not included. Come to think of it, you’ll have to supply the food too. Sorry. But,

Here Are Some More:

Cabuya Hand Fishing Line

CAS Hanwei Multi-tool

4DB Quadratum FireSteel

Legacy Food Storage

4MONSTER MicroFiber Towel

Cold Steel PocketBushman

New Titanium Grill Camping Plate

Ratchet Rocket Tool

Leatherman Squirt PS4

Schrade SCAXE10 & Machete Combo

Gear Aid Kotu Field Knife

Vanquest Molle Sticks

Gerber Dime Multi-tool

I’ll level with you: this item pictured is not a Gerber. Nor is it a Leatherman. But, for $13, what’s the difference?! Online or in better stores (even lesser stores) one can find a wide variety of little hand tools that pack a big functional punch. The pliers are on display here, but inside the handle, there’s much more. Rest assured, you’ll have blades, openers, drivers, and more to tackle any project or emergency. 

While you’re at it, I recommend buying multiple multi-tools. Keep them everywhere so they’re handy when needed. The best part about the value models is that you can get more (of them) for the money of one high-end tool. If they’re only used periodically, even the cheapies will last for decades.

HydroBlu Clear Flow

Water, as you may have heard, is essential for life. Luckily for us, the whole planet is literally covered with H20. Unfortunately, much of it, or most of it, is undrinkable as-is. Nothing will slow you down like a pathogen-borne illness from dirty water. Thus, filtering is critical.

This little gem of a bottle allows for fast filtering and ready storage for drinking later – like any ordinary sports bottle. Best of all, unlike the luxury brands, this one is budget-friendly.

More, Still!

Roaring Fire Gear 45L Pack

Roaring Fire Gear Sling Bag

Bushcraft Grill Stainless

Bushcraft Grill Titanium

Chum’s Wallet

4MONSTER Hiking Daypack

Fiber Light Fire Starter

It’s a … hot commodity…

Fire is our friend. If you need to strike a fire in a hurry, then look no further than this little pack. Just open it up, spread out the contents as directed, and strike it with a fire steel or flint (or lighter). This one is formulated to burn even when soaking wet – a life-saver on a rainy day’s hike.

Buy several and keep them handy – in your BOB, at the retreat, and in your backpack! But, save room for,



Prep Right Survival Food tabs COCO

Prep Right Survival Food Tabs Strawberry

Get 10% Off On All Products

Prep Right Survival Big Food Tabs

Pick a flavor and store it away for an emergency. This isn’t a full mean or even an MRE. But it may be just enough to give you the needed energy to make it those last few miles to safety. I’d recommend buying some for every member of the crew and keeping these “prepper vitamins” in the go-bag for those just in case treks.

You can’t live on food like this for long. However, they can buy you the chance needed to gather your hungry wits, find some real food in the wild, or just make it to the cabin. 

That’s quite the preview of quite the list.

And … now … the VIDEO:


What a great list! If you happen to need one or two (or all) of these items, then just scroll down to the video description. There, DFS has put together a list of links that will take you straight to the ordering sites, generally Amazon – have your credit card ready.

Please like and promote the video, and then take a look at the full DFS Channel. You will notice that they’re doing us multiple favors: they not only showcase the items, but they also have a penchant for including things that are very affordable. They’ve racked up 42 Million views for a reason.

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