5 Must Read Articles on the New Cold War Between the U.S. and Russia

The New Cold War Could Go Hot

Below please find five links to different stories about the accelerating problems between Russia and America. Four of these I found, in a row, at Lew Rockwell’s excellent site. The fifth I marked last night. Four and one-half deal with America’s folly in Syria and with ISIS, Iran, and the Russian Federation.

Of all the geo-political issues in the world today, I think this one is perhaps the most dangerous – not because of imminence (though that is present), but because of the deadly potential. And, it is all unnecessary.

Please take a little time to read through all five. I’ve used the two articles by the philosophical heavy hitters as bookends. Here we go:


Pat Buchanan on Possible War with Russia

Pat explores the (international) legality and the ramifications of war.


Ken Jorgustin on Survival Should War Happen

It won’t be easy.


What You’re Not Being Told About the Potential for War

There’s a lot of deception, complete we might say.


Jeff Thomas on the Fall of Empires

Like ours – with the English, Spanish, and Roman examples as a backdrop.


Paul Craig Roberts on the Idiocy of Washington

He spent time there, in a powerful position; he knows. Is Putin the last hope for the free world?

Picture by Modern Survival.

I’ve written and posted about this, on and off, here, and at my site for a while now.

Developing (perhaps not well)…


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