The 5 Ton, A Big Bad Bug Out Vehicle

The 5 Ton, A Big Bad Bug Out Vehicle


Over the last year or two we’ve covered almost every kind of bug out vehicle you can imagine – to include sleds, boats, bikes, and seaplanes (yes…). But, there’s one that keeps coming back to my mind due to its sheer … awesomeness.


It’s the military 5-ton truck, like the AM General 900-series 6×6’s. No, one would not necessarily be practical for all situations and applications, but if you had the chance to choose a “perfect,” optimal ride, this might be it.


Here’s a video of a fully remodeled, fully loaded monster that literally has everything any prepper could ask for:


Video by Military 5 Ton/YouTube.



These titans come in (came in) dozens of varieties and configurations. Most of them will serve as a great platform for building out whatever you want – as in the video. All that perfection will set you back a nice chunk of money, but, again, we’re talking about the sky as the limit, here.


If the limit is more earthbound, as I suspect it might be, then consider a “base” model, one that may be had for around $15-20K (in some kind of shape…). Such is the one a few of my friends bought not too long back:


Legacy Food Storage

Picture by Perrin Lovett.


So there you have it: if you could have any BOV luxury you wanted, this might be what it looks like. It’s like an RV bred with a tank, a river-driving, go anywhere, pull anything, multi-fuel beast that’s been tried and tested by the military for decades.


And you might even find one of those bumper stickers that pokes fun at mere 4x4s.


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