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5 Ways to Live Without Health Insurance



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 5 Ways to Live Without Health Insurance

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It is fair to say many people harmed by Obamacare are glad to see it going away.  That being said, the means by which we obtain insurance and pay for medical care also had problems before this law made everything worse.  As prices for medical care continue to rise and dangerous drugs continue to be exposed for what they are, it becomes even harder to justify paying sky high premiums, deductibles and copays.  Without the albatross of a personal mandate to carry health insurance, you can use the following methods to live without it.


Bear in mind, however, if you have extensive medical problems, or you have a family history of catastrophic health problems, you will either need to find coverage sooner or later, save enough money to pay for your care, or do without conventional medicine altogether.  Needless to say, as a prepper considering what will happen to medical care in the event of a social collapse, the last option may be a cause for concern that you may already be taking steps to overcome.  That being said, it still takes some work and willingness to learn if you are going to live without health insurance and conventional medicine in the pre-crisis world.

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Learn How to Grow, Process, and Use Herbs


Before modern medicine came along with all of its antibiotics, cholesterol lowering drugs, and other synthetic formulas, people relied on herbal remedies.  Sadly, if you look at herbal preparations these days, they are usually highly concentrated pills or liquids that you only take once or twice a day. By contrast, historically, these herbs were taken as mild teas several times a day, or some other method that involved lower concentrations of the herb over time.  It will be to your advantage to choose a handful of herbs that you know you can grow on your own and propagate from one generation to the next. From there, don’t worry about making high concentration formulas. Instead, study how these herbs were prepared historically and make sure you know how to use those methods of preparation.  


That being said, if you want to cover all your bases, creating essential oils will offer you the highest herbal concentrations and the best storage options.  Just remember this will take a lot more plant material, and you will need to make new oils every 6 – 12 months (depending on the herb) in order to ensure potency and prevent rancidity.  


Insofar as actually using the herbs to treat your own medical conditions, it is best to test them out slowly and take time to make sure you got everything right. For example, if you are going to use garlic or oregano to get rid of a cold instead of get an antibiotic, you can start off with pre-made oils or pills from an herbal store.  Once you know it works, and you aren’t allergic, then you can move on to making your own formulas.   Do not hesitate to check with your doctor and get tested to make sure you successfully cleared the infection.  


See What Discounts Medical Schools and Teaching Colleges Have  


Many people are surprised to find out that medical students make excellent health care providers in the year or two before they take their licensing exams. During this time, they are watched carefully by professors who are also active doctors in their field of specialty.   In exchange for working with you in a live treatment scenario, the college will often give you a substantial reduction in cost.   For example, dental procedures that would normally cost thousands of dollars may cost well under $500.00.  If you need more extensive care and a low income, some colleges also offer a discount scale based on your income level.  Since the college must meet all the standards of an actual medical office or hospital, you will get a level of care that meets the legal criteria for your area.


Learn How to Find and Use Alternative Remedies


While there is a tangible cause and effect relationship involved with herb use, other alternative healthcare methods are not so easy to prove scientifically.  Binaural beats, Reiki, meditation, faith healing and prayer are all methods frowned upon by conventional medicine. Nevertheless, people have successfully rid themselves of everything from cancer to heat disease using these methods.  


As with herbal remedies, you will find that there are people who are determined to try and fit alternative healing into a conventional medicine paradigm.  Sadly, as with herbs, these systems aren’t conducive to modern profit making schemes.  While a alternative medicine person can offer a great deal in the way of advice, tips and techniques, your own intuition will do more either for good or bad.  Always take the time to research carefully and never lose sight of what you feel at a core level. If you feel something isn’t working, or its wrong, chances are that is what is true for you.  Never hesitate to look into another system or work with someone else.  


It should also be noted that as modern science loses its ability to self judge its efficacy, fails to get away with fudged data, and loses  its arrogance in the face of mounting evidence about the brain-body connection, these methods may one day become standard medical practice.  Until then, you can always use alternative healing methods as co-therapies and see if they help.  Used with balance and a discerning perspective, there is a chance these methods will work for you; perhaps even better than conventional drugs and treatments.  


Enroll in Discount Prescription, Dental, and Medical Care Plans


Have you ever gone to pick up a prescription and were shocked to find out it would cost several hundred dollars?  A discount prescription, dental, medical, or eyecare plan can reduce those bills by 30 – 80%.  In fact, there are many discount prescription cards that you can find for free at your local doctor’s office. Other fee based plans include more comprehensive discount packages on a larger number of medical services.  


Some medical discount plans also include telephone and video based medical consultations.  For example, if you have a cold, you can call the number specified on your service plan and have a doctor call you back.  From there, if your symptoms warrant it, the doctor will call in a prescription to your local pharmacy.  Not only do you get care without having to wait for a conventional doctor, all your calls may be included in your monthly fee of around  $12.00 – $20.00.  Compare that to sky high deductibles, premiums, and copays.


Together with this, there is a new era coming in the way coupons and cash back programs work. Typically discount programs will only work for drugs ordered by prescription. On the other hand, if you routinely use over the counter drugs, you can enroll in free coupon and cash back program apps.  Many of the larger pharmacies also have membership cards that include cash back rebates.  In some cases, you may save anywhere from 30 – 90% on your over the counter drug expenses.  If you choose a cash back program, this money may be refunded to you via Paypal, or you may accrue credits on your membership card.   

Find a Sliding Scale Clinic


Sliding scale clinics work similar to medical colleges.  The only difference is you won’t necessarily be receiving services from a medical student. Instead, the clinic is staffed by fully licensed providers.  These clinics may be subsidized by state and federal grants as well as private donations. Depending on your income, they will only charge a certain amount of money per visit, and any medications you may need.  


If you live in a major city or a more highly populated area, you may also find more specialty clinics.  For example, in many areas, there are clinics that cover dental care as well as primary medical needs. Other areas may also have OBGYN and other specialty clinics that you can go to for more complicated needs.  Overall, you will find the care you receive there is more or less compatible with what you would receive at a full priced medical office, but with fewer frills and simpler office arrangements.  That being said, if your goal is to get by without health insurance, these clinics offer real value at a more affordable price.


Contaminated food, air, and water make developing catastrophic illness a matter of when you will get sick, not if you will get sick.  This, in turn, means that you will need to be concerned about health care options in the face of skyrocketing insurance and medical care costs.  While there can and will be times when you need the advice of a competent doctor, that does not mean you have to go bankrupt or put off other purchases just because of the cost of healthcare.   When used with consideration and attention to your personal health, these methods can help you cut costs and remain in as good a condition as possible for as long as possible.  


*A Scott Hughes Original For Freedom Prepper!


**Featured picture from LinkedIn.

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Writes​​ ​​about​​ ​​freedom ​​and​​ ​​more​​ ​​​​at​​​​.​​ ​​His weekly National Affairs Column - never a dull read - appears at The Piedmont Chronicles​​​​. THE SUBSTITUTE​​ is his first Novel. He​​ ​​is​​ ​​still none​​ ​​too​​ ​​fond​​ ​​of​​ ​​government​​ ​​meddling.


Excellent Ideas from an Experienced Survivalist to Homestead in an Apartment



After watching the 1999 romantic comedy, ‘Blast from the Past,’ I had always wondered about the genius of Dr. Calvin Webber who managed 35 years in an underground shelter. His wife gave birth to an only child Adam, who ventured out into the outside world for the first time in his 35th year. The point is the film convinced its viewers very realistically that it is possible to live isolated for at least 35 years if we make meticulous plans. 

History is overloaded with numerous examples of self-sufficient lifestyles. Many communes had developed their norms to survive and maintain law and order within their secluded lands. There are many anecdotes about people living their lives without interacting with the external world. The “Lena and Ole” compilations are based on Norwegians who chose the upper lands of the Midwest as their foster homes. Here is a one-liner, 

“Ole painted the barn in July and had put on two jackets because the user manual of the paint said- Put on two coats!”

This is an inadvertent simple joke that has no ill intentions. Will Rogers once said, “Everything is funny as long as it’s happening to someone else.” Homesteading is no easy task. At the same time, it is a style that has no substitute once you get used to it. 

The Age of Information

Our generation is blessed with information at our fingertips, I mean, literally. Today a shepherd boy living in a remote African village has more information on his smartphone than was available only to the President of the United States at a certain age. My point is that the film ‘Blast from the past’ could not be conceived today nor would Ole put on two jackets to paint the barn. Homesteading is fine for people who live on “land,” but what about the inhabitants of apartments? 

The Homesteading Lifestyle

What happens in a homestead that is independent of the outside society? The inhabitants have the necessities within the confines of their boundaries for a decent existence. Let us have a look at the methods used by homesteaders to live. First we need to define the term in simple language.

An individual, a family, or a whole society can live within the set geographical limits of a designated area. We are talking about homesteading in an apartment, so let us focus on an individual or a small family. 

Definition of Homesteading in an Apartment

A single-family existing within the household compound of an apartment building to live, work, and earn can be defined as homesteading. 

This layman’s definition will give rise to a lot of questions which we shall be attempting in the content that follows. 

OK, let us now get on with living our dream life homesteading in our apartments.

A Farm Inside the Apartment

I will begin by growing my food and advance on to sophisticated produce along the way. Start small by growing your salad bowl.

i. Get hold of enough grow bags or containers. Search the net for required sizes and DIY ideas.

ii. Prepare the soil by using proper potting mix.

iii. Tomato is a good option- cherry tomato would be my suggestion. 

iv. Other plants for our salad bowl should be lettuce and basil plants. 

v. Take care of the plants with good nursing practices. Place them on the balcony where there is enough sun.

vi. Carrots can be grown inside car battery covers in the interior of the apartment.

vii. You can make organic fertilizer at home. 

You are now the proud owner of an organic farm. 

Tip: Grow lights can substitute for the sun.

Other Items I Can Grow

Once you get the hang of interior farming, we can move on to other crops. 

Strawberries: They can be grown in containers or grow bags, but need a hydroponic watering system. We will discuss that later. 

Herbs: Mints, lavender, and rosemary are good choices. They will come in handy to prepare a good cup of hot tea. They can also be used to make soaps and oils. Herbs will add flavor to many dishes. 

Micro Greens: With some quality seeds you can begin. The first harvest will provide seeds for the next. 

Sprouts: With a jar and some cheesecloth or mess top we can grow our sprouts for a stir fry or sandwich. 

A Hydroponic System

Even if you are growing food using containers and potting soil, a hydroponic system will let you increase the quantity. It avoids a lot of mess as it advocates a system of soilless farming. They come in compact designs or vertical configurations. 

They can be bought or constructed by learning the numerous DIY strategies available online. 

Manufacture Manure at Home

Organic fertilizer can be made at home by the clever utilization of food waste. Get a container with a good lid. Put some gravel and soil at the bottom. Introduce worms for worm composting. Empty all bio-degradable garbage into the container. You will get enough environment-friendly fertilizer for the farm. This method frees you from the chore of taking out the garbage. 

Tip: Do not expose the manure cans to sunlight. It can cook worms. 

Grow Mushrooms

Did you know mushrooms are grown only indoors for industrial farming? Get an edible mushroom kit to begin your first batch in a dark corner of your apartment. 

Meat On The Table

Did you wonder for a moment what crazy idea I was going to put forth? Quails!

They are very silent birds that need only very little space. They give a lot of eggs and quail meat is way above chicken, beef, and pork in its health advantages. Quails being small birds, need only a little feed, and kitchen scraps go well with them. 

Mini Solar Power House

Did you know solar panels don’t require direct sunlight? They need good lighting and it is advised to install the panels at a good spot on the patio or balcony. 

Depending upon the capacity of the panels, you can increase the number of appliances that run on solar power. They can be used for grow lights and also for pumps used in the hydroponic system. 

A Self-Reliant Life

Once we have become self-sufficient in food matters, we can think about cutting out other purchases. This will also involve income creation. Do your homework to get as many DIY ideas as possible. We can begin the process by gaining ideas by:

i. Visiting other homesteaders or communes.

ii. Joining a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) venture.

iii. Visiting farmer’s markets.

We can enrich our homesteading experience within the confines of an apartment by progressing on to a more autonomous lifestyle by integrating the following activities:

i. Do own baking for bread and other items.

ii. Learn and engage in carpentry.

iii. Do your own electric and plumbing jobs.

iv. Learn to stitch to make your garments (trust me, it is far easier than you believed.)

Before Going Shopping

Whenever the need to buy something comes up, take a few moments to ponder whether it is something you can create using your potential. Not only will you be learning a new skill, but also it may help you earn. Remember, the Wright brothers had never flown an airplane till they became the first humans to become airborne on a machine. 

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Prepper News Weekly, Friday, April 6, 2018



Prepper News Weekly, Friday, April 6, 2018


A big, busy, crazy week in prepper land! Spring has sprung and it has sprung forth all manner of issues to keep us on our toes. Here’s a review of the bigger stories bearing down on preppers and freedom lovers. Please enjoy (and subscribe!):


Video by Perrin Lovett/FPTV/YouTube.


Perrin recently learned that something called “airplane mode” stops incoming debt collection calls and hate texts from interrupting our recordings! Will wonders never cease?



Quality will improve immediately…


In the news:


The Caravan


Mass migration


Troops out of Syria, to Rio Grande?


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And, we’re in full swing at The Masters!


Thank you, as always. Don’t forget to check every day for all the stories that affect preppers, survivalists, and the rest of the sanity crowd. Well, check it now – rumor has it the news will soon be incorporated into the new, new revised and improved Stay tuned.


Have a great weekend!


Perrin​​ ​​Lovett​​​ ​​​writes​​ ​​about​​ ​​freedom,​​ ​​firearms,​​ ​​and​​ ​​cigars​​ ​​(and​​ ​​everything​​ ​​else)​​ ​​at​​.​​ ​​He​​ ​​is​​ ​​none​​ ​​too​​ ​​fond​​ ​​of​​ ​​government​​ ​​meddling.

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