9 Things to Get Your EDC Riot Ready

Violent demonstrations, riots, and civil unrest are a common occurrence in modern societies across the globe. The past three years have witnessed an increasing number of clashes between various groups. Although the cause may seem justified, the consequences are often damaging. From shutting down public spaces to blocking major thoroughfares, it doesn’t take long for a large gathering of peaceful demonstrators to turn aggressive. The consequences are felt by everyone-especially innocent bystanders!

Since there doesn’t seem to be an end to the resurgence of riots, the only thing you can start doing is preparing for a riot. The most important preparation is your EDC. It is your best arsenal in surviving civil unrest.

Here are nine essential items that you can use to build your EDC:

EDC backpack

1. Backpack

A strong backpack serves many purposes. Apart from transporting EDC gear, it can be flipped around to your front and used as armor or padding. Your knapsack is going to be filled with necessities which will make it bulky and effective protector against rubber bullets and flying batons. For added protection, place an additional armor panel or a bulletproof vest to increase your protection level. In addition, when you flip your backpack to the front, you’ll save it from theft. Ensure your backpack is very sturdy with durable straps. This item is key in surviving a riot.

edc bandana

2. Neckerchief/Bandana

A bandana is multipurpose in nature. It can quickly and easily transform into a sack and bandage. If you’re thinking about riot-specific purposes, then it has two important functions. First, a bandana soaked in water is an effective block against riot gasses. Second, you can wrap the bandana around your face to mix in with the rioters if escape is readily possible.

Keep in mind that anyone present with the rioters will also be considered as a rioter by the police. When you put on your bandana, you will be considered a rioter. If you have to don a bandana, try to get out the riot as quickly as possible.

edc sunglasses

3. Sunglasses

Your eyes need to be protected during a riot. You need to own a pair of sturdy shades rated for impact protection like Mil-STD or ANSI. This will give your eyes additional protection from various airborne hazards that are present at riots. Examples include glass fragments, rocks, batons, beanbags, eggs, and rubber bullets. All these items will be flying around in the air at various speeds. The last thing you want is to get something in your eyes. Prevention is definitely better than the cure in this case.

It makes sunglasses a vital element in surviving riots. If you prefer more protection, consider donning tight-fitting goggles. They also protect your head. Since you’ll be carrying your EDC kit around, you can easily transport them. If rioting starts, yank them out. Just remember not to look too jocked-up to rioters and police. You’ll draw too much attention. This is the last thing you want.

4. Hiking Shoes or Boots

Your feet need to be safeguarded and supported at all times, especially during a riot. Wearing a sturdy pair of boots will protect your feet from trampling, deliberate stomps, rock pelts, and so much more. If your feet get injured, you won’t be able to get away. Solid footwear will not only protect your feet but help you kick off attackers if need be. They’re a must for surviving a riot.

edc gun

5. Gun

Unfortunately, there are some people who are so consumed by revenge and carnage that they only understand violent actions. A riot can easily escalate in ferocity. You may potentially face attackers. Be prepared to fight back. Your pepper spray may not be sufficient to cope with lethal attacks. In cases such as these, you may have to utilize a gun. But be prepared to face a Pandora’s box of commotion. You WILL attract attention from other rioters and police personnel. If you’re weary of using a real gun, consider one with rubber bullets. Irrespective of whether you use a real gun or a fake one, just keep it hidden until you really need to use it.

EDC pepper spray

6. Pepper Spray

While preparing for a riot, pepper spray cans are very effective for self defense. They are discreet, small, and nearly invisible. Although pepper spray is not foolproof, it is extremely effective at pushing attackers away. Once sprayed near your attacker’s eyes, the attacking behavior will cease within twenty seconds. The pepper spray is an affordable insurance policy, especially if you’re singled out.

Once you dispense the spray, you will not draw much attention from the police. They’ll be more occupied by people possessing knives and firearms. In case the pepper spray is seized from you, it still cannot be used to inflict lethal harm upon you. Ensure you purchase a quality pepper spray unit. You should know how to use the spray BEFORE the actual riot.

EDC flashlight

7. Flashlight

A flashlight is a required for building your EDC kit and surviving riots. You should always have a flashlight ready, no matter where you live or what situation you’re in. Assuming you don’t have one now, you need to get one immediately.

Your EDC flashlight has the obvious purpose of lighting up dark buildings and gloomy alleyways. It can also be used to check for lurking rioters and fending off barbarians who are out for blood. Look for a flashlight with a metal case. Opt for a tactical flashlight. This makes a handy impact weapon, giving you more power to throw punches or sharp blows. A flashlight can temporarily remove your aggressor.

EDC cash

8. Cash

We might be heading towards a cashless society but until that day arrives, cash will still be important. You can expect ATMs and banks to shut down during a riot. Try to keep spare cash at home at all times.

EDC water filter

9. Water Filter.

A personal filter is more practical than water purification tablets. It’s also very convenient. If you’re concerned about viruses, you can put in water purification tablets too. Drinkable water is an absolute must for surviving a riot.

Stay Safe Using a Bulletproof Backpack

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