A BIG Bug Out Vehicle!

A BIG Bug Out Vehicle for the Great Safari of Survivalism!

Over the past several years, I think we’ve covered every kind of BOV they make. Let’s be honest: the big trucks are the fun-looking rides, right? So, here’s yet another awesome installment of big, ole, 4X4, Get-Out-Of-Dodge, wheeled prepperness!

Something like this:

That, and all pictures used herein were screenshot from this super cool video: 

Tiny Home Tours, YouTube

The good enthusiasts at Tiny Home Tours gave us a glimpse, courtesy of Mr. Mike Lynch and Global Expedition Vehicles, of one of the coolest sets of prepper wheels we’ve seen in years. There were a couple of trucks at the show but this one in particular stood out.


Let’s concentrate on the BIG one on the left! The video does and, if we’re really honest, when we have dreams about things like this, then bigger is better. Keep reading for a look inside the great big International monster.

At the end of the article, I have some handy links and I’ll give some helpful suggestions for the budget-conscious preppers. But, for a moment or two, let’s live rich and think big. Or huge … that might be huge. 

Big, huge, giant – it’s a 7300 4X4! They can do something similar with a Freightliner or a F750 and they have several other models available as well. The 7300 is really just a class-C RV on steroids. Let’s have a good look:

The Grand Tour

She’s packing a 280-gallon fuel capacity! That appears to be much needed, at 7-8 MPG. Still, that works out to something like a 2,200-mile range, which approximately equals coast to coast cruising. It’s a whopping 33,000-pound rated HD chassis carrying a more pedestrian-friendly 26,000 pound load. Ha, ha. This, as opposed to your tiny, little F350, or the cute, little BOV next to the beast in the above picture, which is a well-appointed Chevy Colorado. (The video provides a cursory look at the Chevy too).

Inside, the 7300 is laid out a lot like your father’s old Winnebago. She’s got a kitchen with a dinette and a comfortable bed in the rear. Cooking, eating, sleeping, and living, all done in the comforts of a home jacked up on 45-inch mega tires. The interior design is trendy, modern, and functionally simple.

There’s a full (or, RV-size full) bathroom. They have a composting option for the environmentally-conscious set. Really, they have options for anything and everything. Here, it’s a simple toilet and shower with a little corner sink. 

Honestly, it’s not a lot of room, not compared to what so many people are used to today with their McMansions and 500-square-foot baths. Still, it’s all that you need. All that toilet paper you’ve been hoarding this year can easily be stowed in the copious outside storage compartments that we’ll get to in a second.

Just past the head (bathroom), one finds the pass-through hatch to the cab. In a standard, ordinary RV, this is usually the vicinity of the system control console. They don’t disappoint; unless those analog gauges are just clocks for tracking SHTF in multiple time zones. One also sees the sturdy, simple, and evidently insulated design of the door itself, complimentary of the entire layout.

Hatch? Door? Maybe, considering the size of this thing, we should call it a bulkhead. At any rate or name, a separate staircase leads up to the five-inch gun turret. KIDDING … I think. A good look at the cab isn’t provided, though you could easily find that via Google, the Duck, or International’s website. Look for a spacious extended model and imagine it upgraded.

These are not the same trucks as we had in the 70s or even the 90s. They’re much more comfortable, they drive easier, and they are surely loaded (especially these modified numbers) with all the crazy features today’s driver can’t live without. 

Outside, find storage, storage, and more storage. There’s even an easy-loading mount, way up high over the huge spare tire, for your mountain bike. I suppose that a motorcycle or even a Mini Cooper could just as easily fit in that space. That’s because if this thing offers something, then it’s space. 

Legacy Food Storage

They didn’t go up on the roof, which appears to be around fifteen feet off the ground, but I figure you could add all kinds of racks or boxes up there, in addition to satellite transceivers, lights, Ac units, and more.

Did I mention there’s a little storage? The whole outside, around the “waterline” of this battleship, is lined with compartments. Some serve dedicated purposes, for tools, inverted, depth charges, batteries, etc. But, back in the aft quarters, they offer large room-like compartments, at least one with a slide out for convenience.

I see a nice, shady canopy for beating  the sun too. And, you, gentle reader, will observe (from the inside or out), that the whole window-casing assembly floats open. This allows breezy, natural ventilation while parked. A real home away from home.

Of course, considering the size and power we’re dealing with, it is theoretically possible that you could just tow your regular home along with you. That, or another RV or something else very heavy.

Order One (Or Three) Today!

These masterpieces hail from Springfield Missouri, where they’re waiting to customize one, 100%, just for you. The would-be purchaser must sense something about a premium price. How premium? Well, the good news(!) is that the GX page says the base model starts at a most reasonable $650K! But who wants “base?”

If you’re serious, then contact Global Expedition.

And, please visit the Tiny Home Tour channel on YT.

Lower Cost Alternatives

(For us po’ folks).

But! If you’re not willing or able to spend the equivalent of the price of two larger houses on your emergency ride, then you still have options. Consider these cost-cutting recommendations: First, remember that the best BOV for you, right now, is the vehicle you have. If you’re looking for something new and perhaps customized, then you don’t have to break the bank.

If you own a truck, van, or SUV, you can start with that. Take a second or third look at the features GX offers and see if you can’t come up with a DIY stand-in for the vehicle you have. If you’re looking for an RV, then see how far you can go with your budget. Or, think outside the box. An old delivery van or bread truck makes a great starter platform for a mobile home, BOV, etc. 

It’s your “safari” and you can do it your way. PS: if you film and post the process and result, then one day we might feature you and your creation here at FP!

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