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Hello, Freedom Preppers! It’s great to be back again. And, thank you for all the attention that our last story about the “mass” shootings generated. Today, something similar. I was asked to think about the state of existing laws versus the proposed new laws, all concerning firearms. This was harder than I anticipated. Not because there aren’t enough laws to examine. Far from that. In America, laws are as frequent as fleas on a politician. And, as Cicero said, ‘the more laws, the less justice.’ That’s the real problem.

I reflected that, in these latter days, maybe the law (any of it) just doesn’t matter that much anymore. Legally, politically, financially, socially, we seem to have drifted past the point of diminishing returns. That’s a good thought to kick off a look at existing laws (either not enforced or rather ineffective).

Nobody wants to see another mass shooting, by anyone’s definition. I think there are steps that could be taken to minimize the impact of these events. However, they cannot be completely eliminated. Given the declining quality of American culture and society, it’s even harder to stop the ones which might otherwise be halted.

Think about this: we already have, in all jurisdictions, laws against murder, mayhem, assault, battery, or otherwise harming innocent people. Even as enforced, they don’t stop some criminals. That thing about not “legislating morality” is real.

Then, there’s the Second Amendment itself, a law or super law. As we pointed out last week, guns save lives. And under the 2A, we’re not supposed to have our life-saving freedoms infringed. But, we do.

In fact, we’ve endured gun control in this country for over eighty years with the Gun Control Act (1968), the Federal Firearms Act (1938), and many more. Those are just at the federal level; all States have their own laws too. Then, many (most) localities pile on too. All of them were in effect the last time there was a mass shooting or any other kind of gun crime. They don’t work – for controlling criminals. The GCA and NFA were more about regulating manufacturing, taxes, and keeping tabs on the people – in violation of the 2A. Gun control is never about crime control; it’s freedom control.

That’s why the new, proposed laws. They just will not work no matter how hard they’re pushed by liberals like Linsdey Graham or Donald Trump. Here’s a brief look at the top three:

Expanded Background Checks

Have the existing checks stopped any of these shootings? No. Critics say that’s because of system flaws, time limits, etc. The “fixes” range anywhere from expanding the checks to ALL gun purchases (or transfers) to the incorporation of entire fields of extraneous information, not directly related to criminal intent. What does that mean? No more gun show buys sans paperwork. No more (legally) passing guns from father to so. And, can you imagine being turned down at the gun counter because of your credit or something you doctor thought he saw on your last checkup?

“Red Flag” Laws

These are the hot popular items at the moment, already in effect in about seventeen States. Simply put, they allow the police to seize guns WITHOUT a finding of wrongdoing. Just on a hunch or a report. No due process. They essentially throw out the rest of the Bill of Rights after the 2A. Imagine those little wusses who report you to HR or Facebook reporting you to the police – and the police taking action. People have already been shot because of these insidious laws. And, they are the gateway to,

Outright Bans of Certain Weapons

For now, we could assume that means “Assault” rifles. To be followed by handguns, shotguns, and everything else. #KnifeControl is a real thing in some places. We know these bans don’t work. Or, at least they’ve never worked anywhere they’ve ever been tried. The UK all but banned firearms in the 1990s. Now, gun-free London leads semi-armed New York in annual homicides. There are 10,001 more examples. 

We’re probably going to get more of the above and sooner than later. Don’t be surprised when nothing prevents the next shooting and the next and the next. There are plenty of steps that our evil and retarded politicians could have taken over the past 30 – 40 years to make this country safer. They didn’t and now it may be too late. 

Your safety and survival are on you. Keep on prepping. Always ready.

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