An Affordable Super Bug Out Vehicle That You Can’t Have

An Affordable Super Bug Out Vehicle That You Can’t Have


Okay, let’s assume you’ve decided to BUG OUT – no debate about hunkering versus anything just now. Odds are, unless you love long walks toting heavy stuff, you’ll need a quality, rugged BOV. There are many models that fit the bill. Many can be pricey. Or, they might be older, more affordable types – which require frequent maintenance.


Here’s a cool, cheap, modern solution: Mahindra, the Indian tractor maker – who makes a pretty decent tractor! – has acquired the licenses to manufacture full-sized models of old 1940’s Willys and 1970’s CJ type Jeeps! Of course, they offer newer features, more power, and better economy than the originals. And, they price out around $15,000. Have you visited a Jeep dealer lately? There, $15K will get you laughed off the lot.


There’s just one problem. The government. As usual they’re “looking out for us” by way of hindering our choices. Lovely if typical.


Eric Peters, as usual, correctly identifies more government stupidity in the way of happy living. Please read his original on the subject, my brief below, and then – see my SHTF solution. Ready set, prep!:


Picture by Mahindra.


Peters heralds the simple but amazing development:


“It’s basically a rebooted ‘70s-era Jeep CJ, which  means it’s a rugged, simple 4×4. It features heavy duty body-on-frame construction, with a rugged steel body designed to be easy – and cheap – to repair.

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It even comes standard with a 2.5 liter turbo-diesel engine, paired with a five-speed manual transmission. Reportedly, the thing averages better than 50 miles-per-gallon.”


And all for the base price of $15,540!


But you can’t have one. Well, you can buy it and use it the US – so long as it’s off road. I think Mahindra markets these as farm vehicles and classifies them as ATVs. That’s good and well but, as Eric P points out, they really would make an ideal road travellers. Heck, they’re better mechanically than the originals. And 50 MPG!


The one problem is … GOVERNMENT. Uncle Sam and his cabal of busybody States stand in the way of what would otherwise make an ideal bug out vehicle.


I suppose these would make excellent runabouts for the farm or the retreat. In rural areas I’ll bet one could easily get by short road trips – so long as the local Sheriff is okay. He might even get one for himself. But not in most areas. Not today.


Today the ever-benevolent neo-commies from DC, Sacramento, and Tallahassee dictate what you can buy and drive. They see these Roxors, again built BETTER than the originals, as unsafe. And they, despite the super mileage, pollute more than DC would like.


Weight them down with airbags, sensors, backup cameras, exhaust systems, etc. – all the claptrap we’re saddled with these days – and they will quickly get: heavier, less fuel efficient, and much more expensive. They would be certifiable though. Tag, title, insurance, fees to the State and off you could go, secure in knowing you have a competent way to escape to the hills during SHTF.


Read about Peters’s concerns and his estimate of why we have to live like this. Check in at his site frequently for all things automotive, from a distinctly libertarian point of view.




It’s not all gloom and doom and government stupidity. If a major disaster happens, and I mean a near or total collapse, then who cares what the State says? After such an event the government’s agents will either be cowering in bunker or running around willy-nilly pretending it didn’t happen. Odds are they’ll be looking after themselves. They won’t be out enforcing all the decrees and dictates. For once, we’ll be left alone.


Then it would be safe and “legal” to drive the Roxor just about anywhere. Those local trips are a given. But, after SHTF, you’d likely be okay on longer road trips. So, consider these super utility “Jeeps” as a good backup or just in case BOV.

Now, if you want one – to flout the system or not – then please:

Visit: Mahindra Roxor (US).


They look cool as all get-out too!


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