All About Alternative Stoves

All About Alternative Stoves


Everyone likes to eat. Heck, it’s almost like it’s a necessity or something. And most people like to cook the food they consume. In today’s whizbang world of modern convenience it’s easier than ever to whip up something good for supper or any other meal.


As preppers, we know that one day there may come a time that the electricity or gas may fail, leaving us to find other ways to prepare our meals. Luckily, right now there are plenty of alternatives. You likely are familiar with at least a few.


Ken Jorgustin and guest contributor Chuck Findlay have done us a great service on the cooking front. He has a great article at Modern Survival Blog all about all kinds of emergency or alternative stoves.


Picture by Wild Stoves UK.


Chuck Findlay is a self-described “life-long ‘stoveaholic’.” He shares what he knows and it is a lot.


Here’s what he covers (please read his article for all the details):

Svea Stove


This makes a great backpack stove for bugging out. They seem to withstand tremendous abuse.

Legacy Food Storage


Butterfly Kerosene Stove


This is more of an off grid homestead style outfit than a camper. Kerosene is great because it burns slower and safer than other alternatives. Consider one for the kitchen. Kerosene stores very well too. For that Findlay offers more tips.


Propane and Butane Stoves


These you’re likely more familiar with. They’re staples of outdooring and camping. Their easy to use and they work. Findlay goes into the good and bad points. He also has many different varieties to discuss.


Wood Burners


Wood may be our oldest fuel. And it’s readily available for most people. It’s a little messier and requires maintenance and clean up. But it is a viable option.

Also consider Alcohol stoves! Much on those as well.


He even covers building a stove on your own. A great DIY project.


“You can also make your own alcohol for these stoves; I would bet this may be a good SHTF skill to know how to do. Practice it now if you have such aspirations. Denatured alcohol stoves are safe to use indoors, denatured alcohol doesn’t generate explosive fumes, and a alcohol stove fire can be put out by throwing some water on it. It will die the second the water hits it. These 2 reasons are why denatured alcohol is used on boats. Fire and explosive fumes are frowned upon on boats. For an indoor fuel it has a lot going for it on the safety issue.


If you are on a budget or just like to make things a quick search on-line and you can find endless info on making wood and alcohol backpack stoves. Search homemade alcohol stove and Hobo stove.”


Use these tips and advice to ensure you can always eat, even when the conventional, modern power is out. It will be, again, some day. Don’t skip meals then.


Now! We’re cooking with gas! Or wood. Alcohol. You get the idea.


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