America, Through the French Lens

Is America Still a Nation? -A Brief Examination in Light of the Ongoing French Rébellion-

Humpty Trumpty sat on The Wall,
Humpty’s Nation had a great fall.
And all the bow ties, and all the con men,
Couldn’t put America together again.
1965 came with some political lies – lies that fostered a few changes, some of which you may have noticed. Back then, the liars lied when they said a little immigration law tinkering wouldn’t change a thing. Now, the liars lie by saying the changes were expected, par for the course, natural. America is, and always has been a proposition nation. Just move right in and instantly become American. Any history, culture, your own experiences, or Constitutional text to the contrary must be wrong … and racist.
Nations have people. They have rules and customs. Culture. They have borders, so as to define one nation from its neighbors. No border means no order. A loud, brash businessman from Manhattan said he understood as much. He says a lot of things. His delivery leaves a little to be desired.


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