Are Certain People in Certain Regions in for an Endless Winter? An Ice Age?

Are Certain People in Certain Regions in for an Endless Winter? An Ice Age?


Is a new ice age really upon us? Well, it seems so…at least it seems possible, plausible. This was actually the prediction of climate experts back in the 1970’s. Then, lured in by communist propaganda, they started the “global warming” nonsense. That observably failing, they changed the tune to “climate change” – all man’s fault, you know.


The truth of the science is that the climate constantly changes. We don’t cause it and there’s nothing we can do about it. It changes hour to hour, day to day, season to season, and age to age. Every so often it takes a change for the cold – deep long cold.


Dr. Mark Sircus writes a few words of concern at his site. This winter felt colder than normal for many in the Northern Hemisphere. And it won’t seem to end. Maybe that’s anecdotal but the real numbers indicate that there is large-scale global cooling underway. Sircus writes about that and the possible ramifications.  Read his warnings.


Time to worry? Picture by Extraordinary/Time.


“Time to Pay Attention”


“It is time to pay attention to cold climate change—the reality of life we are all going to experience. This month, this year is the start to a cold that will chill the earth and all its inhabitants. This is spring in Manhattan in the above picture, where in Central Park they had their biggest April snowstorm in 36 years. Now we are well into Spring and cold, wintry conditions are still what most Americans are having to deal with.”


Even if this change is short-lived it is already affecting crop production. That means it is curtailing the food supply. That’s serious.


Sircus notes this and various temperature readings from around North America, which feel more like January than April.

Legacy Food Storage


“Could it not be due to global cooling? Global warming has been an obvious exercise in massive mind control engineering or said another way, a demonstration in seeing how easy it is to manipulate the imaginations of others effectively making walking sheep out of people, even out of scientists and doctors.”


The “warmer-mongers” pushed that narrative for a while in order to raise taxes and increase regulations, to increase the State’s power over you. Communism. But it was always based on hysteria and lies. That’s become manifestly obvious.


The Sun’s output is at historic lows. Temperatures are trending downwards. Record lows break all over. Ice packs, here and there, are growing – not shrinking. It’s getting colder further from the poles. That means food production can and is affected. That’s one of Sircus’s major points. Very serious indeed.


He notes also that the lies of the warmers is a crime against humanity. In addition to robbing those who pay the taxes and the burdens of the regulations, people are lulled into a false sense of reality. They are not aware that the food supply is in danger. They take no defensive, prepper-like action. At the most extreme end of outcomes, millions (billions?) could starve or freeze to death.


Sircus is telling the truth. He’s even set up a new site: to present new information daily.

He thinks it is the food stores that will hit us hardest if he’s right. And he probably is.


“It is going to hit where it hurts the most…

Thanks to “Just in Time” delivery, most stores keep only 3 days’ worth of food on site. Civilization is only “nine meals away from anarchy,” said the head of the UK’s Countryside Agency, Lord Cameron of Dillington. The Lord liked the statement so much that he repeated it in 2007, again to widespread media coverage, warning that on day three, ‘there will be rats, mayhem, and maybe even murder.’”

So, what are we to do? Sircus hints at sending the climate liars to prison. That might be just, but it would not help us.


Real steps: One could move towards the equator. There will always be warmth somewhere – and food. Or, one could stay put and prepare for possible cold, dark days ahead. Food production and storage may become critical. To that end, see our concurrent feature today, a video about getting a prepper pantry started and maintained.


If it is an ice age, don’t be like that cartoon squirrel chasing the nut. That was funny with him, not so much for us.


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