Scott is the founder of Freedom Prepper and is very passionate when it comes to prepping and being always ready. He writes up to date information to keep you informed of everything happening in the world of prepping and surviving.

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    Preparedness Weekly Magazine Issue 94

    Inside You’ll Find: 3 Budget Friendly ways to Fund Your Survival Bunker – Don’t Break the Bank 7 Signs that We need...

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    Preparedness Weekly Magazine Issue 93

      Issue 92: May 12th, 2017: Inside You’ll Find: This Bug Out Location Could be the Ultimate Paradise for a Prepper 7...

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    Preparedness Weekly Magazine Issue 92

      Issue 92: May 12th, 2017 Inside You’ll Find: Watch and Learn as this Survival Expert Tells Us How to Pack for...

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    Use this Survival Cement to Build Your Off Grid Home

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    Watch How this Couple Goes Completely Off Grid and Bill Free, and Builds a House for $30k

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    If You’re thinking about Going Off Grid, This is One Kit You Have to See!

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    You Have to See these BOLO Shotgun Shells in Action!

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    This is Being Called the Best 9mm Under $300

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    This $30,000 Off Grid Tiny Home is a MUST See!

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    Could this be the World’s Fastest Shotgun?

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    16 Survival Uses For Pine Sap

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    This short documentary has been banned in all Catholic European countries

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    [RECALL ALERT] Some Brownells AR-15 Barrels Drilled Improperly

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    The Cheapest Place Ever to Get Your Preparedness Medical Supplies

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    How to Prep if You Have Type 1 Diabetes

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    Complete Guide to Prep for Medical Emergencies

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