Avoiding the Horde After SHTF

Avoiding the Horde After SHTF


This feature reminded me of two things: 1) Avoid the Noid! from the 80’s, and 2) that 70’s survival guy … Kurt Saxon! … Yeah, some of Saxon’s lesser “charged” or COS stuff, anyway. He talked about the Horde, which like the dreaded Noid, is best avoided.


Modern Survival Blog and Ken Jorgustin posted a related article, looking in to a 21st Century approach to this potential prepper problem.


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The Golden Who-Now??

“‘The “Golden Horde’ is (are) the anticipated throngs of unorganized and organized individuals, groups, and ‘gangs’ who will be out roaming, searching, and even looting & pillaging for food and supplies following a major widespread societal and infrastructural collapse – without the rule of law.”



These are the unprepared, violent, mindless city-dwellers who may come calling on your home or bug out retreat after it hits the fan. They’ll want what you have and they may not mean well.


If I remember correctly, I think Saxon’s method for dealing with them involved landmines and mini guns. That might, or might not, work. Recall the Battle of Black Mountain from One Second After: A horde of thousands was successfully defeated via armed force – by a hastily assembled army of men – lots of men (with a Browning M-2 and an air wing).


If it’s just you, you just might be outnumbered by the horde.

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Therefore, please read Jorgustin’s original and take heed of his suggestions. The smarter approach might be to misdirect, mislead, or become invisible to any roving band of thugs. A brief outline:



Get away from them if possible.


Know the enemy


A requirement to win any battle. Size. Numbers. Direction. Intent – all is important to understand.


Reroute them

First, don’t stand out yourself. If you can completely shield or camouflage your retreat so much the better. If they don’t know you’re there they won’t bother knocking.


If you can’t become totally grey, invisible, then become menacing – at least in appearance. This may scare off smaller, less determined groups.


Whatever you do, you’ll need a plan first and the ability to tweak and change it as the situation dictates.


One thing I thought I would see in the article that wasn’t really there was how to actively mislead or misdirect the group. How to do that, I don’t know. I suppose it would be possible to infiltrate a horde and persuade them to leave an area (yours) alone. That might work and it might be dangerous.


ANother method might be to use false information to move them along. You could let them know that the National Guard was “camped out” on your property, etc.


If you have any other ideas for active deterrence, please leave a comment. Otherwise, man the machine guns and Claymores…


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