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Awesome Air Heater – The “Stack Boot” Air Heater – Easy DIY (350F+) Mini Off-Grid Furnace!

DIY Heater

Awesome DIY Air Heater!. The “Stack Boot” Air Heater. very easy to build. This Room/Air Heater produces temps equal to (or greater than) a standard in-home furnace (350F+), has a high airflow rate and is of metal construction. be ready for winter with this hi temp heater. works good indoors and out. burns isopropyl alcohol (i used 70%). very clean burn (no smoke/no odor). either burner shown in video will burn for 25-30 mins if filled half full. small burner reaches temps about 225F to 275F.

The big burner reaches into the 400’s. (note that when a fan is used with the heater it will mix the hot air with cool air (and the resulting breeze will be less than the hi temps – but still very warm…over 200F). feels just like your standing in front of a vent tube from a natural gas furnace. it works essentially by trapping the “vertical heat stream” produced by the burner and converts it to a “horizontal heat stream”. redirecting the heat this way allows you to feel it (versus it rising straight to the ceiling). fuel other than isopropyl alcohol can be used (such as candles) but the air won’t get as warm.

*when setting up the fan make sure that you don’t place it to close to the heat (6 to 8 inches from vent tube seems to work good… not too close to hurt it and not to far so it can capture the heat. fan i used is a 90mm bgears high airflow (78cfm).

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