Ballistic Door Testing

Ballistic Door Testing


Our concurrent feature today is about commercial blast and ballistic doors from American Safe Room – for your home, office, retreat, or anywhere else you don’t want breached. This technology is not cheap (nor light) but it works.


Here’s a video about just how well a good door protects against assault. Total Security puts one of its models to the test on the range. Please watch:

Video by Total Security Solutions/YouTube.



All that lead and nothing made it all the way through. The outside resembles Swiss cheese but the occupants behind the door would be safe. This is the test of a level 3 door. Doors are commercially available up to level 8 and beyond.


Similar technology is available for cars.



Legacy Food Storage

Please watch THIS VIDEO about door panel armor from Ford – for their police interceptors.


If you have the need to extra protection, then this is not an idea to shoot down.


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