Bartering in a Post SHTF Economy

Bartering in a Post SHTF Economy


Even as our economy supposedly booms, dark clouds linger about – for those who can see them. There’s a substantial chance of a correction and a possible chance of a major collapse. What, then, would you do for purchasing power? Assume that, one day, the dollar will be utterly worthless and not accepted in commerce.


There always have been and still are alternatives. Ben Brown of the Prepping Guide has given us 30 items to consider for trading and bartering. Please read that original and think it through. Here’s the list:


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It’s historical fact:


“During the great depression when the dollar collapsed, basic items became currency. Any trip to the market would be better accompanied with items such as tobacco, or alcohol to be used as barter and trade items, rather than a pocket full of dollars purely because of the fact that they were worth so much more.”



It could happen again:

“Bring the clock forward 80 years and we’re still seeing the same high value placed in everyday items over physical cash in countries that have suffered economic breakdowns, or have been crippled by war. Venezuela, currently the world’s worst economic collapse of this time, has seen an extraordinary surge in the value daily items due to its crippling inflation. A pack of popular brand condoms is more than USD$70 in Venezuela’s capital, Caracas. That value, in comparison to Venezuela’s current USD$4 per month minimum wage, gives brand name condoms an almost-golden value.”



The List


Legacy Food Storage

Medical Supplies/Medicine






Baby Supplies


Small Livestock


Toilet Paper




Soap and Toiletries








Water Purification


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Duct Tape




Solar Goods


And don’t forget ammo and skills. If you can do something most can’t or won’t, then you will be in demand.


I left off a few of his suggested items. And almost all of his context. He mentions Venezuela as an example of good gone bad, and preppers in America really should learn from that situation. Learn and make your plans. Start with Brown’s list and go forward.


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If you can’t or don’t need to trade with these alternative currencies, then use them yourselves – redundant preparedness. Worth more than a Continental…


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