Best Home Protection from Riots

Best Home Protection from Riots

We’re near the end of this month’s series on surviving civil unrest and riots. Winter is coming, and FP will soon address what you need to do now for a warmer, cozier then. However, this winter may be a little different. Imagine civil unrest in a blizzard. I would imagine that cold weather will put a damper on the riots, but something is changing.

These times are becoming increasingly unhinged, idiotic, and violent. Things are spreading and devolving. The terrorists from BLM-Antifa vowed to bring the party to the burbs, and to some degree, they already have. Look for more of that. And consider “the burbs” to be wherever you live. You need to be ready.

To help you out, Southern Prepper 1 has a quick little video full of big ideas for home security in our new age or the abnormal. 

Pics from SP1 video.

Spike in Crime, Spike in the Yard

If you’ve just joined us from under a rock, know that a few things are currently out of hand. The coming election will fix everything! JUST KIDDING. It’s going to be hell. Anyway, riots, unrest, and violent crimes are rising – a spike.

Should the fun and games come to your home, you have options. Fearing someone might prowl around your house, approaching with ill intent, you could stand guard all night with an AR. You could rely on an expensive security system. A dog might be helpful. These are all great things that you should look at anyway, but there is a simpler, more passive system. By “passive” I mean setting something in place that you can leave to do the hard work for you.

Meet The Caltrops

These are simple, four-pronged spikes that, by their nature, come to rest with a spike up, no matter how they are positioned. The lesson features them in various sizes, some that stand alone, and others that are tied together in a line. 

This is an easy how-to course. It’s possible to make these without soldering or tack welding, though those skills will help immensely. Nails or other small, sharp steel rods can be assembled quickly. These have been in use in warfare, in multiple regions, for ages. The idea is to scatter them about in a chosen area. The evil-doer stumbles across one or more and is deterred by the intense pain of stepping on the spike. Simple. Stealthy. Silent.

Larger, sturdier versions are designed to puncture car tires, though that is a matter for another day – or for your keen imagination.

Plate Security

This is a most similar concept, except that it features multiple spikes protruding from a steel sheet. This one is based on a piece of diamond plate. 

It has a certain wickedness about it, no? It’s not what any thug, robber, or rioter wants to encounter in the dark in your backyard. These require a little more work: cutting the plate to size, drilling holes or tacking the nails (spikes) in place. It’s designed for more intense security. Someone might walk past all the caltrops, missing every single one; this baby, placed in a path or doorway, is harder for a foot to miss.

These can also be used to stop vehicles.

The Woody End

…for a robber. A very easy solution to burglary issues is to drive nails through a piece of plywood. Then, just leave it out as you would the steel plate model.


There is a world of possibility here, as seen in the varied designs in the video. Therein, you’ll get the how-to information, along with the “whys” and some usage anecdotes.

Are There Problems?

Yes. At the end, as SP1 did, I’ll mention some legal ramifications. Be mindful of a few other factors or dangers to spiked defense:

Shop Safety: You’re working with metal and wood and tools. Take care.

Friends, Kids, and Pets: All are in danger of stepping on these things. If your four-year-old gets a nail in the sole, that’ll be on you.

Do You Remember? Where did you put them? You’d better have that mapped out; otherwise, if one goes through your own shoe, that’s also on (in) you. The string variants are easy, because you can tie them off to something that will remind you that you placed them. The caltrops? Maybe number them and count when you retrieve them? As a last resort, you might use a metal detector.

Risk of Escalation: These are made to drive people away. Yet, in a real SHTF situation, they could agitate an attacker – especially if there’s a group of them. In addition to setting traps, you need an immediate backup plan of action. If it’s the middle of the night and you hear screams, then you should grab the rifle. 

Use Your Head!

Now, kindly,

Watch the Video:

(Southern Prepper 1 / YouTube).

That was great! Yet, did you note the legal disclaimer language? Improvised defense legality varies by jurisdiction. Emergencies call for emergency measures, and we are, unfortunately, at least ankle-deep in a growing emergency. Our enemies don’t hesitate to ignore the law. We, on the other hand, should at the least be mindful of it. It’s not quite SHTF, TEOTWAWKI yet – though those days are on the horizon. Keep it “legal” while you can; be smart and play by the local rules. Just play to win.

Now, pay a visit, would you, please, to the SP1 Channel where 138,000 preppers already go for information on all aspects of preparedness. Consider signing up!

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