Blame The Law-Abiding Gun Owners

Blame The Law-Abiding Gun Owners


That’s the mantra of the left. Always. Let there be any nefarious shooting anywhere in the country, under any circumstances, committed by any criminal, and the gun-grabbing nuts want to seize OUR guns. Forget the fake, alarmist, BS pleas to and plays on emotions they always use. There’s another angle:


Jeff Houston explains, for the NRA and NRATV, how the anti-gun nuts actually blame you and me – for THEIR failures and the failures of their communist laws. Please watch:


Video by NRA/YouTube.



I would say it’s unbelievable but, after studying these people and having been around a few of them, it’s completely believable. They are full-time liars and projectionists. Here’s a little breakdown:


In the Parkland HS Shooting:


Actually Failed:


Parkland HS;

Legacy Food Storage


School Board;


School Police;


Sheriff’s Office;




Gets Blamed:








All Other Gun Owners;


Guns (the mere objects).


And this isn’t mere stupidity. It’s evil. These people have an agenda to drive. They want us disarmed. They want us enslaved.


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