Blast and Ballistic Doors by American Safe Room

Blast and Ballistic Doors by American Safe Room


Safety and security are huge prepper concerns, after and even before the S hits the F. In a world of danger and uncertainty, it makes sense to protect the entry of your home, office, retreat, safe room, or bunker.


The pros have known and done this for years. And when it comes to impenetrable doors there are essentially two types or levels – ballistic and blast.


Ballistic doors protect against bullets, shrapnel, and fast-moving projectiles. Blast doors stop the heat and pressure of bombs – from grenades up to nuclear weapons. Check out the offerings from American Safe Room; they offer both types in numerous configurations.


Ballistic door in the shop.


“American Safe Room manufactures these pre-hung ballistic doors that are engineered to protect your shelter from malicious people.

They feature a ballistic steel plate that is capable of withstanding multiple hits with a 7.62 NATO rifle round – UL 752 level 8 protection.

Wide angle viewers flank a secure gun port at any height you need. Rotating cam latches draw the door into the frame, compressing the seal that prevents airborne toxins from entering your shelter.”


Legacy Food Storage

These are heavy steel doors that stop bullets and other means of attack, keeping you and yours safe inside.


Blast door ready to hang.


“American Safe Room manufactures these pre-hung blast resistant doors that are engineered to protect your shelter from the high pressure blast waves produced by a large conventional or nuclear detonation.

They also are designed to protect against malicious people and fires. The door features four inches of concrete that resists structural fires, cutting torches, and has a UL level 8 ballistic rating – multiple hits with a 7.62 NATO round with no penetration.

The standard frame is designed to bolt to the wall with high strength concrete wedge anchors. If you choose the assault resistant cam latch option, you also get the wall capture brackets which give you the security of a poured in place door with the ease of installation of a bolt on door.”


These are essentially doubled sided steel ballistic doors filled with concrete. It’s 2,000 pounds of shock wave absorbing protection. You read the above right – nuclear bombs. And they are sealed to provide NBC (nuclear, biological, and chemical) protection. Of course, they stop small arms fire with ease.


This is not necessarily an endorsement of American – a company I only heard about last night – certainly not a paid endorsement. But they seem to have impressive, quality merchandise and a history of outfitting various corporate and government installations. If you are interested in this level of protection, then please consult them directly or do independent research on another manufacturer.


I suppose a very knowledgeable metal crafter could make a similar door. That I would only recommend if you really know what you’re doing. And I don’t even know enough to know what that means…


But I do know that there is a reason why banks, nuclear plants, and military bases use doors like this. They work. You’ll note that, even for the plainest model, there is a rather steep price associated with this technology. But, if the money is there, this is peace of mind and money well spent.


If it’s time to upgrade the home defenses, then by all means, have a blast. Or not…


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