Blast Off With A Rocket Stove

Blast Off With A Rocket Stove

Hey, you. Yes, you. Do you like to eat? There’s this crazy rumor floating around that people need to consume food to survive or something. And, incredibly, most or at least many people like their food cooked. Hey, I said it was crazy. And, of course, that’s what the oven and/or microwave and/or food delivery app are for, right? But, what if none of that’s available for some odd, SHTF kind of reason?!

Then, you make do! And, a rocket stove is one easy (and fun) little way to handle the cooking when all else fails. Or, you can use it at the camp. Or, in the backyard. At the retreat. On a hunting or fishing trip. Tailgating. Anywhere one finds twigs lying about, one can cook with a rocket. And, that’s not all. Use it to keep warm! Smelting light metals or melting snow for drinking water are other possible uses. As is the discreet disposal of … evidence. The sky’s the limit – with a rocket stove.

And, the great City Prepping outfit made a fantastic little video about five reasons everyone should book a trip on the rocket stove express. Before we “blast off” with that, here’s a quick preview:

Rocket Reasoning

(All pics from City Prepping).

The CP crew explores the uses for a Minuteman K model, seen here. Minuteman. Missile. Rocket. The puns keep coming. But, so too do the uses. BTW, you know these things are easy DIY projects, right? A couple of concrete blocks is really all you need. Of course, this model is cheap, sturdy, and ready to go.

There are many times a mere FIVE reasons to love the little wonder stove. Consider these the TOP five:

It’s EZ

These things operate on smaller wood scraps. You can use twigs from the woods, pinecones, or plain old scraps from the woodpile. Igniting the main engine is a snap too.

Though adult supervision is a must with any fire, it really is so easy that a (supervised) child could do it.

As noted, as the technical reason, they produce very little smoke. Smoke = attention. And attention = bad in some cases. Keep it easy and private.

Fast Heat

As the name implies, the rocket stoves fire up fast and quickly start heating food. Start cooking right away. Cook now, wait later.

Burns a Variety of Fuels

As I mentioned a paragraph or two ago, just about any combustible material will suffice to run the rocket. Here, it’s split sticks. One could conceivably tidy up the campsite or yard while cooking dinner.

Do make sure not to burn hazardous or explosive materials. Plastics, treated products, and bamboo (unless fully opened), etc., can be dangerous – either while burning or via the contaminants, they leave behind. 

Burn fast, but smart.

Mulch Matters!

Seriously, it burns just about anything. That includes the mulch from the garden or flowerbeds. Now, ordinarily, you’d want to leave the mulch in place. You put it out for a reason. But, in the event of an emergency, it is a fuel.

That’s part of the success and the secret. Mulch is small, or it’s made of smaller chunks of wood. So, there’s a better surface-volume to mass ratio, which equals a faster, hotter burn. 

No. Five…

Wait a second… It’s a short video and a great one. So, instead of me telling you the last bit (and I intentionally left out parts of the foregoing), just watch!

Legacy Food Storage


City Prepping/YouTube.

Many thanks to City Prepping for this great information. Don’t forget to review their entire YouTube Channel

While you’re at it, make sure to visit their WEBSITE – for all your urban, suburban, exurban, or even rural preparedness needs. You won’t regret it – unless you happen to not visit. Don’t do that. Click on over and get started.

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