Blue Wave Off the Political Beach

Speaker Paul Ryan announced he won’t be seeking reelection. Republicans across the nation are making similar announcements. And, even some that don’t want to leave are being shown the door by angry constituents. Some Democrats are calling for a “Blue Wave” this fall and the midterm election.

Midterm changes are nothing new. In fact, they’re almost a tradition in recent political history. This time it’s the reasons why that may matter. President Trump, love him, hate him, or just not sure of him, continues to enjoy support. From the voters, that is. He seems estranged from the GOP. The GOP seems like the DNC, honestly. Big budgets, crazy spending, war, welfare, debt, debt, and more DEBT! Maybe a change is in order. It may not really matter.




Picture by Eat, Pray, Vote (Perrin recommends two of those…).

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