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Food is so critical to our survival, when it comes to packing our bug out bags we have to think really strategically on how we are going to pack enough of the right food in our bags to sustain us for a minimum of 3 days, along with everything else we need to survive, like water which can be even trickier if you plan on packing water in it.

Many experts suggest that the food in your bug out bag should be high in calories, and low in fat. There are 3 areas that we must look at when it comes to deciding what foods we pack.

Caloric Value – A normal person hiking all day burns a heck of a lot of calories. I don’t have to tell you that hiking even on flat ground with a 30-50 pound pack on your back is going to make you work harder than that desk job you have.

Weight – This should be pretty simple. The more your food weighs, the heavier your bag will be. A high calorie to weight ratio is smart and with the choices below I think there is a good balance.

Spoilage – Where are you storing your Bug Out Bag? Is your food sitting in the hot sun of your car trunk every day for 3 months?



G.O.R.P – 130 Calories per ounce


G.O.R.P – If you don’t know stands for Good old raisins and Peanuts and has been a hiking staple for years. G.O.R.P is calorie rich and is simple to make. Unless you have chocolate in there, it shouldn’t melt in the trunk of a hot car either. The thing you want to avoid is what we did and that is to buy a giant bag of G.O.R.P thinking everyone would be eating off the big bag. After two days of hiking (we had also brought other snacks) the bag wasn’t getting any lighter and I think we still brought half of it home with us. Pack individual zip-lock bags for each person. One cup of GORP (depending on ingredients you have in there) can provide as many as 700 calories.

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G.O.R.P – 130 Calories per ounce

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