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The Bug Out Bag is an essential item for every prepper. Also essential, and critical, are the items one places inside the bag. Even with a large duffle bag or backpack space is limited. Rather than risk leaving something out, think about including items which have more than one use.

Stacy Bravo suggests 10 Multipurpose Items to stow in your BOB. Her original article appeared at Survival Zone. She cuts through the long list of potential items and recommends ten which will serve multiple purposes and conserve valuable space. Please read through her recommendations. I provide, herein, a summary:


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One. A Multi-Tool.

It need not be an expensive name brand device either. Mine is a cheap but rugged generic model I got for a song at a parts store. These little wonders open cans, cut firewood, make repairs, and so much more. They are invaluable as they are essentially a toolbox within one little tool.

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Two. Duct Tape.

Google “duct tape uses” and you will be amazed at what a roll can do. While it may sound like a Jeff Foxworthy joke, there is very little that cannot be accomplished with duct tape. Use it for common repairs, clothing alterations, waterproofing, etc.

Three. A Bandana.

Use the cowboy’s handkerchief as a respirator, a signal flag, a small bag, or as a bandage. Bravo recommends carrying several.

Four. A Plastic Tarp.

A taro is not just a cover although it excels at that job. It can make a shelter, signal distress, or form a hammock. Most better sporting stores sell smaller tarps made for camping. These are a perfect fit for the BOB.

Five. Paracord.

Use paracord to rig up your tarp as a temporary shelter. It can also serve as a snare line, a fishing line, a security wire, or as a rope. The cord’s strong construction make it ideal for many jobs. And it’s low weight and compact size make for easy storage.

Six. Zip Ties.

Slender nylon ties require very little space. Yet they offer numerous uses in a survival situation. Use them to securely attach items anywhere you need. They can also serve as a supplement to or a replacement for paracord in many instances.

Seven. Plastic Garbage Bags.

Take out the trash! These bags are useful as pillows and bedding, clothing, and even shelter. And, of course, they make ideal containers.

Eight. A Whistle.

A whistle is a signal be design. However, it’s shrill notes deter attackers and some wild animals as well.

Nine. Tampons.

These have obvious benefits for women. And men can use them too – for different purposes. Use them to start fires and as bandages and gauze. Bravo also suggests using them, joined together, as a rope.

Ten. A Hammock.

Remember, in a pinch one can use a taro as a hammock. However a purpose-built model offers numerous advantages. Sleep in a hammock to stay away from creepy crawlers and wet or snow-covered ground. Some hammocks have built-in tents for added protection. They also make larger, useful bags, barriers, or nets.

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There are many items one needs to pack before bugging out. Bravo has researched ten that do double duty. Or triple or more duties. Think twice if you don’t have these items in your bag.

In addition to solid recommendations in their own right, these ten also make great examples. You can probably think of other items which have multiple purposes. Use those and you will lighten your load, save space, and increase your efficiency. Efficient use of resources will help you survive if you have to retreat with just your bug out bag. Get packing!

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