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ultimate bug out bag list

The truth is, there are always items you can add to your bug out bag, but making it too heavy can be cumbersome. At the same time, you feel like if you remove an item to lighten the load, it could prove to be a mistake later. So, what is the perfect balance?

Bug out bags are usually one of the first things preppers go for. Everyone wants the ultimate bug out bag, the biggest, baddest and best. Most of us have bug out bags that are constantly evolving, based on new tools we find, different types of food we want to take or the current season. When it comes to the “ultimate bug out bag” the only person that can decide it is truly the ultimate and it’s finished is you.

Are a 72-hour emergency kit and a bug out bag the same thing?

Yes and no.

A 72-hour emergency kit is a “type” of bug out bag. It is purposed exactly the way it was named: it should be constructed to get you through a 72-hour survival situation. The reason why many survivalists pick the 3-day window is because in most cases, you will be rescued and back in civilization by the third day.

The following infographic is a great guide to follow for each 72-hour emergency kit.

Note: Some of the items on this list can be shared among family members, so you can save a little money and space by sharing items like a can opener, for example. Also, blankets and extra pairs of shoes are a great addition to this list. And finally, any prescribed medications should be added to the first aid kits.


The Perfect 72-Hour Kit for Your Little Ones


The Best Sustainability Kit Checklist

The following infographic pretty much covers all the information you’ll need to have the perfect sustainability kit experience!


Source: Survival Life

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