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The idea behind having a bug out retreat is grounded in basic safety. It makes sense to get away to somewhere where the danger is not. Still, you may not be able to completely leave the worries behind.

Even at the retreat, it is a good idea to provide for security. William Edward Summers wrote an article at the American Preppers Network about just that. Please read his ideas on improving Secure Retreat.

Great Ideas For Retreat Safety


Photo by Survival Spot.

Here are some great ideas for improving security at you bug out getaway or at your house.

1) Use nails and construction adhesive when applying siding to your building. This adds strength and fights off the critters.

2) Cover gable ends and other opening with sheet metal or rat-proof mesh.

3) Cover vents and eaves with mesh to deter bugs, birds, and rodents.

4) In cold climates, pay special attention to flashing and caulking chimneys and roof material to avoid ice damage.

5) Rat proof your crawl space with sheet metal or mesh.

6) Use treated lumber to fight water damage and hungry varmints.

7) Frame doors and windows with angle iron to deter two-legged intruders.

8) Build a panic room or hidden spaces inside your retreat.

9) Steel roofing or other metals are recommended over other roofing materials for safety and longevity.

10) When building your retreat, don’t forget to add a root cellar. This provides food security.

11) Add a battery powered alarm system just in case the horde shows up (whether your home or not).

15) Remember that you may be at your retreat for some time. Consider adding the comforts of home in addition to the basics and necessities.


Photo by Cheaper Than Dirt.

Also From Freedom Prepper:

Good Fences

The last thing you want is to think you’re safe and sound when you are not. Plan ahead and keep your retreat secure. These tips work great if you’re building from scratch. They also come in handy for retrofitting and improving the existing cabin.

As with most things, a little planning and effort goes a long way. Do what you have to, to keep yourself and your family safe. Prep on!

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