Bug Out Vehicle

If Your BOV is a Truck then You’ll Definitely Want to Add this to it


Having a bug out vehicle can be vital to your survival if you find it necessary to get the hell out of dodge and work your way to your bug out location, or some other place you deem safe until the situation has blown over. It’s important that your bug out vehicle be equipped with the best tools and gear to better your odds of survival.

Things from your bug out bag, your vehicle but out bag, and onboard supplies need to be considered to ensure your bug out vehicle is ready for the road. What happens if you have to stop and make camp before you reach your destination? Do you want to take the time to find a place to pitch your tent, then take the time to set up your campsite, only to have to take even more time tearing it down the next day to get back on the road?

What if you could simply drop the tailgate and pop up a tent right there, no need to find the perfect spot and set up the tent?

This is such a great idea! Would you like one of these? Tunnel shaped design maximizes interior space tall 5 ft. ceiling height and five windows provide excellent ventilation and openness… This truck bed tent is perfect for camping.


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