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When building your bug out bag one thing that is often over looked is perimeter security. You can have enough food, water and shelter for 3 days, but how are you going to stay safe while you’re sleeping?

You need to make a perimeter security pack. It doesn’t have to take up much room, in fact you can use a small MOLLE pouch and attach it to the outside of your bag.

What should you include in your perimeter security pack?

  • Snare wire and fishing line. (different colors) I believe this needs no explanation.
  • Two locks and 3 ft sections of chain. To lock a door if I’m able to. The 3 ft chain sections allows me to lock a gate or fence, and also double doors
  • Four door stops (wedges). To jam in between the door and the frame at he top, and the floor at the bottom, in case I can’t lock them.
  • Six door hinge pins. I made my using the pins from BBQ grill top hinges. I ground off the head and cut them in half to ¾ “ long using a hacksaw. They’re thicker and stronger than nails. On outward swinging doors, I take out a screw from the top and bottom hinge and insert the pins. This prevents someone from taking out the long pin holding the hinge together, pulling the hinge apart and lifting the door off.

Read the rest of the list right here.

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