Build a DIY Survival Bed and stay off the Cold Ground

Build a DIY Survival Bed and stay off the Cold Ground


The lovely Survival Lilly demonstrates how to build a raised bed – for people, not plants.


Her’s is made of wood and set in a teepee. Honestly, it doesn’t look like the most comfortable of mattresses. But, when the chips are down, it will beat nothing – or sleeping on the cold ground.


The final product (and methods) reminded me of what Dick Proenneke (Mr. Alone in the Wilderness from PBS) made and slept on for decades in Alaska.


Please watch the following instructional video:


Video by Survival Lilly/YouTube.



It all starts with Lilly in the woods, with a pile of wood (logs and sticks) and basic hand tools (saw, hatchet). And a cool teepee.


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Per her usual perfectness, Lilly demonstrates every single step along the way. There are more than a few of these and they do require a little effort. However, the methodology and construction are very straightforward.



The thing takes shape.



I did say lovely.


The finished product is functional and rock (wood) solid. And it does look rather comfortable. And, in the video, she makes not one, but two of these beds. Make sure to watch the whole thing.


You may never have to sleep a single night in a teepee. And you may never have to craft your own bed. But if you do, know that it can be done with rudimentary materials and supplies and that you can actually get a good night’s rest on it. This is just one more awesome skill for whatever it is that may come along. Hope you enjoyed the film. Great job as always, Lilly!


Come to think of it, Proenneke cheated and topped his bed with a foam rubber mattress. Lilly just covered one of hers with a blanket. So, if you’re in a survival situation and have to make your own bed, remember Lilly’s way. And, if you have the opportunity to cheap, add some foam.


You can and should lie in your own bed.


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