Bullseye! Five Inexpensive Hunting Rifles

Bullseye! Five Inexpensive Hunting Rifles

Today, we examine the bargain side of the long-range martial art, riflery.

Jim Harmer and the Backfire YT Channel ran a live comparison of five rifles you can find, each for under $350 US. The lineup consists of Thompson, Ruger, Savage, Remington, and Mossberg; Jim ranks them based on their performance.

Why is this a big deal? Well, we know we need guns. Anything the government wants you to give up, you should consider buying three of them. Hunting rifles may be used for a variety of purposes – all “hunting,” of course. And, with the economy doing what economies do during a collapse, it makes sense, and saves cents, to look at the cheaper alternatives. Let’s do that now.

(All captures from Backfire video).

We’ll take a quick look at a couple of specifics before the video demonstration of the full five. Here’s,

One: Mossberg Patriot

With a factory-mounted scope, no less! (Yeah, those sometimes require adjustments). Find this one in a variety of calibers and mag capacities, from 3+1 in .300 Win to 5+1 in .30-06 or .270 WIn.

It also has the classic look factor working for it. In a moment, you can see how it fared against the rest.

Two: Remington 783

Yes, it’s upside down. But the price is right. The men note the composite stock construction is a little light (they say something about a BB gun…), but it’s a bargain bolt. It can be yours for right around $350.

It’s available in multiple calibers and comes with or without a scope.

Real Rankings: 

They take and record multiple shots. Many hours of range time were devoted to this excellent exercise. Here, it’s grouping sizes at 100 yards – from pretty tight to starting to wander.

Okay, there was quite a bit of wandering with some tests. The above picture would not win a contest, though it might bring down a deer. Or, defend a homestead.

How’d the rest of the reasonably-priced pack do? It’s time to find out. This is a fun one, so, now,

Watch The VIDEO:


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And, Jim has a dedicated WEBSITE too. Kindly pay him and visit for guns, hunting, family, freedom, and more. He’s got articles about nearly everything survival and outdoors including a book, Work Energy. The FP team is glad we came across this fantastic platform and we hope you’ll enjoy it, benefit from it, and support it!

Now, guns up!

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