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Can You Survive a Nuclear Blast?

survive a nuclear blast

So imagine for a minute, you just get home from work, as you are getting settled in you hear an explosion. Looking outside you see a monster mushroom cloud just over the hills. Before you have any time to react the windows in your home are blown out and you are thrown to the floor. A nuclear blast wave just passed through your area. Can you survive this?


survive a nuclear blast


It turns out that you can survive a nuclear blast, unless you are at the blast location.


Here are some tips from the Canadian Preppers Network on what to do immediately as well as the following days a weeks after a nuclear blast has hit your area:


The First few minutes:
A) When you see a flash of light, don’t run to the windows to see what it was. Duck and Cover – NOW! Find something solid to get behind, under, or below. Whether its a nuclear blast wave, or explosion from a derailed train, duck and cover while the initial wave takes all the windows out and the debris flies. Human instinct is to gather information, fight that for just a few seconds.

“Even in the open, just laying flat, reduces by eight-fold the chances of being hit by debris from that brief, three second, tornado strength blast that, like lightning & thunder, could be delayed arriving anywhere from a fraction of a second to 20 seconds or more after that initial flash.”

B) Cover your face with a mask or cloth to avoid inhaling radioactive dust.
C) If you are evacuating post blast, evacuate perpendicular to the downwind drift.
D) Once you have obtained a safe location, remove your clothing and shower. Try to remove yourself from anything that may have been contaminated.


The next few days:
If you must shelter in place,  know that radioactive fallout loses 90% of its lethal intensity in the first seven hours and 99% in the first two days. You likely only need to bunker down for a few days, not weeks or forever as some movies portray. The key to surviving these few days is putting mass between yourself and the radiation. So build a fall out shelter wherever you are, now. Find a structure preferably with a basement, as this will make the task of putting mass between you and the radiation simpler. In a basement you have on many sides a good thickness of dirt. You would just need to worry about the space above you.
A) Find a basement
B) Push a heavy table into the corner that has the soil highest on the outside.
C) Put some food, water, communication and other gear under the table, with more close by.
C) Then pile anything you can find – books, full water containers, sand bags, etc on top of the table and on the sides of the table to create barriers and stop the radiation from penetrating under the table. Every inch thicker provides a higher level of shielding.
D) Leave a small crawl space with mass that can be easily moved in and out as a door. Also leave a small gap for fresh air.
E) Cover any windows and doors in the basement. Tape them, block them, cover them over with wood or dirt.
F) Bunker down.


Using the above tips you will have a head start in surviving a nuclear blast. But as always the preparedness starts now.



What can you do today to better prepare to survive a nuclear blast? Let us know on our Facebook page or on Twitter.



  1. Sharon

    November 19, 2013 at 9:50 pm

    What do I do in a house with no basement? I was thinking maybe an interior closet.

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