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    Don’t Leave These 15 Uncommon Items Out of Your Bug Out Bag

    I’d like to think that everyone regularly reading this site has a stocked bug out bag. I’m sure you do. And you...

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    Save Space in Your Bug Out Bag by Packing these 10 Multipurpose Items

    The Bug Out Bag is an essential item for every prepper. Also essential, and critical, are the items one places inside the...

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    10 Food Ideas for Your Bug Out Bag – Prepper Dome

        G.O.R.P – 130 Calories per ounce G.O.R.P – If you don’t know stands for Good old raisins and Peanuts and...

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    17 Items to Avoid Putting in Your Bug Out Bag

    Bug Out Bag Items to Avoid 1. Sleeping Bags Instead of heavy sleeping bags, just take a couple of emergency bivvies. Of...

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    The Ultimate Bug Out Bag List | Survival Life

    The truth is, there are always items you can add to your bug out bag, but making it too heavy can be...

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    Did You Know You Can Make Aspirin from Willow Bark? Here’s How

    Pain medication is a must in your bug out bag, your bug out location, and in your home if you’re planning on...

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    Here’s How to Put Together a DIY Basic Bushcraft Kit

    Bushcrafting is a skill set that, if you plan on bugging out to a rural area, you must learn. To be completed...

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    3 Types of Food that Need to Be in Your Bug Out Bag

    When’s the last time you checked the food in your bug out bag? Does it cover all your essential needs? You may...

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    Do You Carry Imodium? Here’s Why It Should Be Part of Your EDC and BOB

    Look, I get it. There are certain areas of preparedness that you just can’t overlook. Your gun, EDC, a good knife, food,...

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    How To Sleep Better At Night When The “Zombies” Are On The Move.

    When building your bug out bag one thing that is often over looked is perimeter security. You can have enough food, water...

  • How to Make a Bug Out Bag for Extended Stays

    People are taking bugging out more serious these days, and the more we look into things the longer our bug out trips...

  • budget bug out bag budget bug out bag

    Can You Build a Bug Out Bag for Less than $200?

    When I set out to build my first bug out bag, I never really added everything up to see how much it...

  • survival kit survival kit

    What Should Be in Your Urban or Rural Survival Kit?

    Have you covered all your bases? There is a ton of information out there on what you should have in your survival...

  • missing from bug out bag missing from bug out bag

    I Bet this One Item is Missing from Your Bug Out Bag and Why it May Save Your Family during Survival.

    What comes to mind when you start thinking about building your bug out bag? I bet its survival items like survival food,...

  • Beginner But Out Bag Beginner But Out Bag

    Don’t Try Building Your First Bug Out Bag Without Watching this Video First

    If you are a beginner prepper, or even if you’ve been doing it at while, then you’re probably ready to #build your...

  • bug out bag mistakes bug out bag mistakes

    10 Bug Out Bag Mistakes that Make You Look Like a Complete Prepping Rookie  

    Imagine for a second that the SHTF and it’s time to bug out. You grab your bug out bag and away you...

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