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    15 Reasons You Should Have Extra Trashbags in Your Bug Out Bag.

    When it comes to the items you put in your bug out bag you need to consider the ones that have more...

  • survival backpack survival backpack

    5 Must Have Survival Tools You can Afford on Any Budget

    When’s the last time you checked your bug out bag, get home bag or vehicle bag? Do they have the tools you...

  • ALICE pack modification ALICE pack modification

    Modifying an ALICE Pack to Meet Your Needs [12 Part Video Series]

    There are plenty of options when it comes to choosing your bug out bag. Once you have you chosen pack then it’s...

  • Does Your Kid have a Bug Out Bag? Here’s What Needs to Be in it By Age.

    There is a lot of debate on whether we should be teaching our kids survival skills, or talking to them about what’s...

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    What’s in Our Get Home Bag? [Video]

    Many of us have bug out bags, 72 hour bag, survival pack, whatever you call it, it’s the bag that we have...

  • everyday carry for kids featured everyday carry for kids featured

    Do Your Kids have an EDC Pack?

    When’s the last time you heard a news story about an incident in a school that made you a little concerned about...

  • everyday carry items everyday carry items

    5 Most important items in your EDC (EveryDay Carry)

    In recent months, I have been evaluating the items I have in my EveryDay Carry (EDC) backpack. This need came when I had...

  • must haves for survival must haves for survival

    Must Haves for Your Survival Kit

    Regardless of why you are prepping, whether it’s an economic collapse, natural disaster or an EMP blast, there are things you should...

  • bug out bag mistakes bug out bag mistakes

    10 Mistakes You Might Have Made with Your Bug Out Bag

    Call it what you want, bug out bag, 72 hour kit, get out of dodge bag, what ever you call it, it...

  • bug-out-bag bug-out-bag

    Building the Ultimate Bug Out Bag [Infographic]

    We all have our own opinions, thoughts and suggestions for what needs to be included in everyone’s bug out bags.    ...

  • baby bug out bag baby bug out bag

    Is It Time for Babies First Bug Out Bag?

    Its important to remember that every member of the family needs a bug out bag. For some that will include children, babies...

  • heavy bug out bag heavy bug out bag

    What If Weight is a Concern for Your Bug Out Bag?

    Lets face it, our bug out bags may start a little on the light side, but over time we keep adding more...

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